On 27 July 2022, at the Asian Banker Financial Markets Awards Ceremony 2022, which was held virtually, BIDV was honoured as the Best Custodian Bank in Vietnam 2022. This is the second consecutive year BIDV has received this award from The Asian Banker.

The award is independently evaluated in more than 3 months by experts and researchers on over more than 250 financial institutions in the Asia Pacific. Evaluation criteria include financial performance, process and technology, new product innovation and listing, risk management as well as Covid-19 response solutions. The award is recognition of BIDV's efforts and achievements in catching up with market trends, providing comprehensive services and technological capacity, reaffirming BIDV's No.1 position among domestic custodian banks.

The first bank granted a depository license in 2003, BIDV has had nearly 20 years of experience in the field of custodian and supervisory services and has always maintained its leading position among domestic custodian banks. BIDV’s total securities under custody saw an annual growth rate of 35 percent, reaching over VND370 trillion. Income from custodian and supervisory services increased by 26 percent compared to 2021.

BIDV is the only bank in Vietnam that provides comprehensive, all-in-one services for investors, investment trust portfolios as well as for all types of securities investment funds, such as member funds, mutual funds, closed-end funds, open-ended funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF), property investment funds, and expectedly voluntary supplemental retirement funds.

BIDV has strongly invested in technology to digitize processes which help improve accuracy, service speed and lay the foundation for developing new services to keep up with market trends, to provide better experience and customer satisfaction.

The Asian Banker Financial Markets Awards is a landmark recognition programme to benchmark institutional achievement and performance in the markets & exchanges landscape of the Asia Pacific region. Its goal is to recognise excellence in those institutions that have demonstrated a superior business strategy based on strong underlying fundamentals, highlight emerging best practices in establishing robust market structures and identify challenges in executing sound operational processes which market participants can both learn and benefit from.

The Asian Banker, headquartered in Singapore, is a leading provider of strategic intelligence and builder of platforms in the financial services industry, established in 1996. The magazine runs regular programmes around the world, including across Asia Pacific (China, Japan, etc.). The Asian Banker also honours BIDV as Best Retail Bank in Vietnam for the seventh time.


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