Loan tenor

Loan tenor

Loan tenor up to 20 years

Interest rate

Interest rate

Competitive interest rate, interest calculated on reducing balance

Loan amount

Loan amount

Loan amount up to 100% of the purchase price

Home loan

  • - Easy and convenient loan procedure
  • - Expert advice
  • - Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually principal repayment options
  • - Monthly or quarterly interest payment options.
  • - Collaterals: loan is secured by the property and other collaterals owned by the borrower or a third party, or any combination thereof.


  • - Residing or regularly working in the same area or in the adjacent areas with the financing BIDV branch;
  • - Regular and sufficient income for repayment.
  • - Collaterals meet BIDV’s requirements


  • Loan application form
  • Valid Identity Card, Permanent/Temporary Residence Certificate
  • Marriage certificate or single status certificate
  • Proof of income
  • House ownership certificate or purchase contract
  • Copy of other assets ownership certificates


Loan calculation

1My monthly income VND/month

2My monthly expense VND/month

3Loan term month(s)

4Interest rate %/year

Total loan amount


1Loan amount VND

2Loan term month(s)

3Interest rate %/year

4Calculation method

First month payment


Total payment amount


Interest payment


(*) The calculation is for reference purposes only and not BIDV’s loan commitment.

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