Avoid risks

Avoid risks

Avoid risks arising from money transport and preservation when the banking day has ended

Account credited

Account credited

Customer's account is credited on the transaction date, which helps facilitate business activities

Cash collection in sealed bags

  • In case customers deposit cash into the bank at the end of working day, they can ask for the Bank's service of cash collection in sealed bags.
  • Customer's deposit account will be credited within the day for the amount deposited in the sealed bags. However, the money will be blocked by BIDV, which will then be unblocked after BIDV completes counting the money in the sealed bags. Customers may choose to witness the counting or authorize the Bank to count the money.


  • Customers eligible for cash collection in sealed bags service:
  • + Have active deposit account at BIDV.
  • + Have high trustworthiness in cash deposit with BIDV.
  • + Make frequent large deposits to BIDV.



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