Recently in Hanoi, BIDV has been honoured for its IT products at Sao Khue Awards 2021. Particularly, the Depository Banking System was among Top 10 Sao Khue Awards 2021

Over the years, BIDV has been honored with many domestic and international IT awards. This is the 9th year BIDV has participated in Sao Khue Awards organized by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) with 24 products honoured so far.

In 2021, six IT products of BIDV have been awarded Sao Khue title, including: Depository and Supervisory Banking System; Virtual Account System (in the field of finance – accounting); BIDV Home System; Bond Trading System (in the field of digital transformation platforms); and Online registration/centralised service registration; Charitable BIDV RUN app linked to business activities (in the field of software solutions).

The Sao Khue awards are testament to the prestige of BIDV as a commercial bank with leading index of readiness for IT development and application in Vietnam, recognising the bank’s efforts in bringing the best valuable products and services to customers as well as pioneering in seizing new opportunities to unlock digitalisation potential in banking operations.

*Depository and Supervisory Banking System provides a full range of functions, products and services for customers in the field of securities depository and supervision. The system offers smooth handling of services/products related to the underlying stock market. BIDV became the first bank to provide the most complete securities depository and supervisory services in the market.

*Virtual account system is a solution for collection through a virtual account, linking the primary current account of a corporate customer opening at BIDV to a set of virtual accounts. The solution helps businesses control and manage cash flow effectively, save costs, automate the accounting process, and reconcile transactions.

*BIDV Home system is a mobile application that allows customers to buy a house and apply for a BIDV loan. Customers can search for apartments and housing projects in many locations, calculate the maximum loan amount they can borrow and monthly payment amount. After finding the desired project, customers will make an appointment.  The request will be received and processed by the bank staff. Customers can also apply for a loan by providing required information. Currently, BIDV is the first bank in Vietnam to provide home loan products via mobile phone application.

*Online registration/centralised service registration system is a multi-channel solution, providing customers with a consistent and seamless experience when banking with BIDV. In addition, the system also supports BIDV staff to handle customers’ registration for products and services in a centralised and fast manner, thereby reducing turnaround time and increasing staff productivity.

*Bond Trading System provides a full range of functions, products and services in the fields of bond issuance, purchase, sale, depository and transfer. The system is of great significance to the bond market.

*Charitable BIDV Run app linked to business activities is a program that records the results of online races organized by BIDV through Strava app and making donations to social security programmes based on running performance of athletes. Some programmes include Giving Tet gifts to the poor; Planting “1 million trees”, Building flood-proof houses. The app also connects people who have passion for running.

App BIDVRun honored at the event

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