On 20 March 2021, BIDV officially converted its modern digital banking system and launched new generation SmartBanking service. This is a big milestone in its master Digital Transformation strategy in order to provide customers with the best transaction experience on BIDV’s digital channels.

Consistent platform - seamless experience

With its “customer-centric” approach, all BIDV digital transformation decisions prioritize customer experience optimization on digital channels. Not only being a market leader in launching a series of outstanding new technologies and features such as SmartBanking app for smart watches (Apple watches) and Smart Keyboards, virtual voice assistant, etc., BIDV has also made a breakthrough development by launching SmartBanking - a new generation digital banking service which integrated online platforms Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

With the new SmartBanking, BIDV offers various remarkable features and consistent and seamless experience across all transaction channels for customers, specifically:

SmartBanking provides digital banking experience in a totally new way:

One username and password only: Only 1 username (registered phone number) and 01 password is required for SmartBanking service, which can be used on different platforms including web, mobile apps, smart watches and smart keyboards. Especially, customers who are using Mobile Banking (previous version of BIDV SmartBanking) can log in to the new SmartBanking service using their own Fingerprint/Face ID/password installed on the previous version just by updating the app without any reinstallation.

Personalization and real-time interface customization: You can change your background image, profile picture and arrange the priority functions at your discretion; real time interface customization in the morning, afternoon, and evening. In addition, on special occasions such as your birthdays or public holidays, New Year, the system will automatically display ceremony wallpapers, next to the photos installed on your mobile.

Consistent transaction limit: You will have a consistent online transaction limit, up to VND1 billion/internal transaction for normal customers and VND5 billion/internal transaction for Priority customers.

Security enhancement: The new generation SmartBanking inherits the security methods applied on previous versions, including: Login security, transaction security and especially Smart OTP. In addition, with Cross Login technology, when you log on the web browser, the system will automatically send a notification to your mobile app for your authentication before allowing successful login. A range of modern and convenient security solutions is an increasing trend in banking services, helping customers rest assured when making transactions.

Receive transaction notifications anytime, anywhere: OTT Alert (to receive account balance notification) is integrated in SmartBanking app.
Easy performance of finance, payments and shopping transactions: With the new SmartBanking, you can enjoy modern and quick financial functions including: 24/7 instant money transfer, scheduled money transfer, online savings, bill payment for electricity - water - telecommunications - healthcare - education - insurance, payment of public administrative services, automatic bill payment, QR-code withdrawal, phone top-up, QR Pay, flight/hotel booking, online shopping, online charge-back, etc.

The new SmartBanking can be used in two ways:

Mobile-based SmartBanking app on app stores: An updated version of Mobile Banking on Appstore and Google Play Store (named “BIDV SmartBanking”);
Web-based SmartBanking service: On “Online Banking” menu on BIDV website or via the link: https://smartbanking.bidv.com.vn/.

As said by BIDV’s representative: “As part of our digital transformation strategy, SmartBanking - a new generation digital bank, employs the most modern technology and reflects the latest product development trends in the banking and finance sector. We put ourselves in customers’ shoes to deeply understand their needs, thus this new SmartBanking will bring a new and completely rewarding experience”

The only digital bank allows financial transactions on Apple Watch and Smart Keyboard

Continuous “innovation” becomes BIDV motto for service development. With a specialized version for Apple Watch, the app helps to speed up any activity related to the user’s bank account without using a smartphone or computer, while account information security is still ensured.

Especially, recently, BIDV also launched the app version of BIDV SmartBanking on Smart Keyboard. This is the first banking app in Vietnam that enables banking transactions even while you are chatting. With this feature, while chatting on chat apps with friends, relatives, partners (via Zalo, Viber, messenger, iMessage ...), you can still perform banking transactions quickly, easily without switching between apps.

Enjoy new generation SmartBanking to win luxurious car

In order to encourage and show our gratitude to SmartBanking users, BIDV has launched the promotion program “Enjoyable experience - Easy to win a car” for all customers. The promotion period is applied from 20 March to 30 June 2021 with a special prize of 01 Hyundai Accent MT and countless other valuable prizes.

In addition, BIDV offers 100% free waiver for money transfer transactions made on SmartBanking and an additional VND 50,000 to all newly registered customers, 100% service maintenance fee waiver for all customers from 20 March 2021 to the end of 30 April 2021.  The program prizes value up to VND20 billion.

For more information, please contact:

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

Tel: +8424.22205544; Hotline: 19009247

Website: www.bidv.com.vn

Fanpage: BIDV - Ngân hàng TMCP Đầu tư & Phát triển Việt Nam.


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