In March 2024, BIDV introduced an AI-powered virtual assistant Chatbot - an application integrating artificial intelligence technology in customer care and support activities 24/7 on BIDV iBank.

BIDV iBank’s Chatbot not only assists in addressing inquiries related to the products of business customers at BIDV but also aids in resolving related issues during the usage of the BIDV iBank application. With a response time of less than 5 seconds on both Web and Mobile App channels, BIDV iBank’s Chatbot can accurately answer nearly all frequently asked questions from customers, such as:

  • General information about BIDV, banking ecosystem map.
  • Products and services for business customers (BIDV iBank, BSMS, corporate cards, deposits, loans, etc.), promotional programs for business customers
  • Common issues on BIDV iBank and resolution methods

For requests beyond its support scope, the Chatbot will automatically transfer to an advisor to ensure a seamless customer consultation experience. Notably, the Chatbot on BIDV iBank possesses learning capabilities that are evolving daily to enhance customer support.

To engage in conversation with the Chatbot on BIDV iBank, customers just need to click on the icon on the BIDV iBank Web service screen or BIDV iBank Mobile App (even without logging in) /or on detailed service screens (when logged in).

BIDV iBank’s Chatbot contributes to improving customer care services and enhancing the overall experience of business customers with BIDV's services in general and the digital banking service BIDV iBank in particular.

As part of BIDV's banking network map, BIDV iBank is a digital banking application for organizational customers present on both Website and Mobile app channels, providing comprehensive banking and financial services from account services, payments, accounts receivable and payable management to commercial financing and foreign exchange services, liquidity management, managing documents containing digital signatures, connecting enterprise ERPs with BIDV's digital platform, etc. BIDV consistently improves its electronic banking services through BIDV iBank to optimize all features and provide an even better experience for businesses.

With efforts to enhance customer experience through the development of the digital banking ecosystem including BIDV iBank, in 2023, in Singapore, BIDV was honored to be recognized by Asiamoney magazine as the "Leading Digital Solution Provider in Vietnam". This award, part of the "Best Bank Awards" group, is organized annually by this reputable financial banking magazine in the Asia-Pacific and international region to honor banks with outstanding achievements in various operation fields across Asia.


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