On January 8th, 2023, on the occasion of launching the international money transfer feature on BIDV SmartBanking, BIDV and Crimson Education held the event "Pass to the world's top universities". At the event, financial service solutions and study abroad counseling were introduced to customers by BIDV and Crimson Education with the desire to accompany students and parents on the way to pass to the top universities of the world.

Over the years, tens of thousands of Vietnamese students have chosen to study abroad to explore and learn advanced education in the world. Many of them have been excellently accepted into the world's top universities such as the Ivy League, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge... However, many students have concerned about the process and tips for successful admission.

With the same desire to become a launching pad for Vietnamese students to overcome geographical barriers and economic conditions to study in an international environment, BIDV and Crimson cooperated to organize the event. In there, a lot of useful information was shared by Crimson's strategic advisors, BIDV's financial experts as well as from students and parents who have successfully entered the world's top universities.

Miss Phu Bao Nghi who has excellently passed to 3 prestigious universities in the US shared at the event.

At the event, BIDV also officially launched the International Money Transfer feature on BIDV SmartBanking with a simple and friendly interface. Customers can transfer money quickly and simply to their relatives living, studying or working abroad without going to the bank counters. Especially, in response to the goal of national digital transformation, from now until March 31st, 2023, BIDV applies no-free policy for international money transfers on SmartBanking to support and encourage customers to experience digital utilities.

Instructions for international money transfer in BIDV SmartBanking: https://youtu.be/3r8yQxgLywY

In addition, BIDV also offers a full set of financial solutions for students wishing to study abroad such as: Loan support to pay tuition fees and living expenses during the course of study; no-fee for financial proof service; support to issue a Certificate of Participation in the Social Security program of BIDV when opening a Dream Accumulation Deposit account in BIDV; Fast international money transfer service (Transfer money for study abroad, living expenses, settlement, travelling, shopping, medical care services...).

BIDV representative shared about financial services to support international students and their parents

With the success of this event, BIDV and Crimson are looking forward to cooperating to organize more similar events in the future, bringing opportunities to millions of Vietnamese students to access the world's top universities.

BIDV Brand

Established on 26 April1957, BIDV is proud to be the longest established financial institution with the most valuable brand in Vietnam. BIDV is listed in the Top 2000 world’s largest companies; Top 300 world’s largest banks (Brand Finance); Top 10 largest enterprises in Vietnam for 4 consecutive years. BIDV is gradually diversifying services through cooperation with leading partners in Vietnam and in the world to bring customers excellent banking service experience in many aspects and meet their expectations, wants and needs of customers.

Crimson Education Brand

Crimson is an educational consulting organization founded with a vision to level the playing field for university admissions. Over the years, Crimson has successfully helped thousands of students to conquer the university entrance of The Ivy League and other top universities in the world with more than 515 students entered Ivy League universities, more than 176 students entered University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, more than 3000 students entered the Top 50 American universities, more than 1500 students entered the Top 10 UK universities…

For details please contact:

Retail Banking Department - Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam

Email: marketing@bidv.com.vn


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