BIDV Thu Thiem branch would like to inform the seizure of assets as follows:

1. Total outstanding balance of Mr. Tran Van Dung and his wife, Ms. Le Thi Ha at BIDV Thu Thiem branch as of June 13, 2022 is: VND 5,203,398,931, of which the principal balance is: VND 4,812,530,000, interest is: 388,697,161 VND, late payment fee: 2,171,770 VND; 
2. Security assets seized to handle the debt recovery are as follows: 
* Land use rights: 
- Land plot No: 69 Map sheet No: 19 
- Address of land plot: 12/65 Nguyen Khoai , Ward 02, District 4, HCMC 
- Area: 100.5 m2, (in words: One hundred and five square meters) 
- Usage form: private 100.5 m2, common None m2, 
- Purpose of use Use: Residential land in urban areas 
- Term of use: Long term 
- Origin of use: Recognition of LURC as land allocation with collection of land use levy
According to the certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets, number BT640444, Certificate of registration number: CH21195 issued by the People's Committee of District 4 on July 1, 2014, registered for transfer to Mr. Tran Van Dung dated September 28, 2020 
3. Property owner: Mr. Tran Van Dung 
4. Collateral for the loan of Mr. Tran Van Dung and his wife, Ms. Le Thi Ha 
5. Reason for seizure: Handle collateral for debt recovery as agreed in the Mortgage Contract and regulations of law. 
6. Time to seize security assets: From 12/07/2022 until the seizure is completed. 
7. Location of seizure: At the place where the secured property is located.
8. Seizure period: From the time of seizure until the collateral is handled, auctioned at the cost of BIDV Thu Thiem Branch to recover the debt or until the Borrower fulfills the loan repayment obligation. 
9. Price for handling security assets: Using valuation results of agencies or organizations with the function of price appraisal. The cost of hiring a valuation agency or organization shall be included in the cost of handling security assets. 
10. Handling method: Public auction through a functional auction organization appointed by BIDV Thu Thiem Branch. 
11. For any problems, please contact: 
- BIDV Thu Thiem Branch, 33-33A Tran Nao, An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC. Phone number: 0973988958 (Mr. Trinh Van Giang – Deputy Head Retail Marketing).
- In the course of property seizure, if the Borrower/Security Party opposes, obstructs, causes insecurity and orderly public places or commits other violations of law. We will request the police and local authorities to handle them in accordance with the law. Borrower/Security Party will bear the costs incurred in connection with the seizure.


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