1. List of properties at auction:

Asset 1: Certificate of Land Use Right No. CG 030998 issued by the People's Committee of Phu Tho province dated 11 July 2017

* Certificate of Land Use Right:

- Land plot No. 01, map sheet No. 01/2017/TĐĐC

- Address: Tan Vien Street, Zone 2, Van Co Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.

- Area:  1.219,5 m2

- Method of use: Private

- Purposes: Commercial land, services

- Land use term: to 01/01/2041

- Origin of use: The State leases land with one-time payment

*Assets attached to land:  01 office building with the construction area of about: 1.062,8 m2 and 01 warehouse with the construction area of about 333m2

. Starting price: VND 35,000,000,000 (Thirty-five billion Vietnam dongs. /.)

*The above price is the minimum price, excluding taxes, fees and charges related to the transfer of properties. Sold properties are not subject to VAT under the provisions of law.

2. Time, location, conditions and method of registering for participating in the auction.

- Time and location to register to buy and apply: From 19 Dec 2022 until 16:00 on 09 Jan 2023 at: Bao Quang Minh Auction Company - No. 187, Group 8, Tan Thanh Street, Tan Dan Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province or BIDV Phu Tho Headquarters – No. 1155A, Hung Vuong street, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province (during business hours)

- Registration requirements and methods: article 38 – law on property

- Method: Auction of assets in the form of direct ballot for many rounds by the method of ascending-price auction.

3.  Time and location of property review: 05-06 Jan 2023 at the property’s place. (during business hours)

4. Auction dossier’s fee and advance payment:

- A dossier’s fee: VND 500,000/ profile

Advance payment: VND 3,500,000,000

- Deadline for advance payment: 09,10,11 Jan 2023

Customers make a deposit into the account number 4211.0000.280703 of Bao Quang Minh Auction Company opened at BIDV Bank - Phu Tho Branch.

5. Time and venue of the auction: at 08:00 AM on 12 Jan 2023 at Bao Quang Minh Auction Company.

All organizations and individuals interested please contact the company at the above-mentioned address.