From 08 July 2022, BIDV customers can name their own bank account numbers with nicknames, phone numbers or other numbers by choice right on BIDV SmartBanking app - all free of charge until 30 July 2022.

Long, hard-to-remember bank account numbers that lead to confusion when transferring have long been an obstacle for many customers when transacting. The reason is that the account number is randomly issued by the bank, without any specific rules or meanings. Understanding that psychology and needs, BIDV launched the Choose a Name As You Like account service with a variety of different options such as: nicknames / favorite names / phone numbers ... of the customer himself, thereby making it easy for customers to remember and convenient in transactions. This account is linked to the customer's payment account and can be used instead of the payment account number to receive money, transfer internally BIDV or from another bank.

Cool nickname – Style show

With a nickname account, you can enjoy expressing your style, personality and personal brand on your bank account number, making a mark and professionalism when dealing with friends and partners. The naming rules are simple, the first two characters are two alphabetic characters (A-Z), the following characters customers can enter arbitrary numbers or letters, the total length is at least 4 characters and up to 19 characters. For example, LinhMiu99, TUAN9999...

Impressive Nickname – Prosperous Business

If you are the owner of a store, business or online shop, setting the account number as a nickname reminiscent of the brand or a hotline phone number to buy goods is a great choice. Customers will remember your business brand every time they make a purchase.

Which phone number – Account of that number

If you are a lover of simplicity and brevity, choosing the same account number as the phone number registered for BIDV SmartBanking service is an optimal choice. Instead of remembering account numbers up to 14 characters long, your account now has only 10 familiar characters that you and your friends can easily remember or look up on your contacts when transferring.

Or you can also choose any number sequence, which can include your lucky numbers, or birthday, anniversary ... any number that you feel familiar with, easy to remember. For this type of account, the default system adds 01 character of the letter "T" at the beginning of the number sequence, customers can choose the sequence behind but not including letters, special characters, the total length of the sequence from 4 to 19 characters. For example, T999999, T123456, T11111992...

3 steps to choose the desired name for your account on BIDV SmartBanking:

Customers who have not used BIDV SmartBanking can download the application and register for free on the App Store or Google Play then select the item "Choose the desired name" to choose the account number according to their favorite style. Especially, from now until 16/09/2022, customers will receive a gift combo of more than 500,000 VND when registering new BIDV SmartBanking.

Customers can easily lock / unlock the Account Select the name as desired according to their needs. In addition, customers can also change the payment account associated with the Nickname account right on BIDV SmartBanking.

Choose online, full of offers

On the occasion of launching the Select As Name Account, BIDV offers a special FREE  offer on the entire fee for opening a Custom Name Account, specifically:


Account Types

Number of characters

Listing fee (VND)

Preferential fee (VND)


Nickname account and Optional number range

4 – 10 characters


Free until 31 July 2022

11 – 19 characters


Free until 31 July 2022


Account with same phone number



Free until 31 July 2022

Quickly access the BIDV SmartBanking application and choose for yourself an account you like.

For more information, please visit:

For more details, please contact customer service hotline 1900 9247 for advice.


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