When joining in BIDV Reward program, customers will earn points and exchange them for gifts at BIDV’s hundreds of partners. List of partners will be updated frequently In accordance with customers' preferences:


List of partners

  • Cuisine

Hoang Yen restaurant, Golden Gate, Redsun, Café & Fastfood (Phuc long, Gong cha, Passio, Jollibee, Baskin Robin, Leetee, The Alley…), Thai Koh Yam, Octopus, King BBQ, Sumo BBQ, HooLong, 1915Y, Botanica, Vuvuzela Beer club...

  • Entertainment

Movie tickets from Lotte Cinema, Cocobay Da Nang, Amusement parks & others (Vincom, Baara Land, Just kidding, Tri Duc bookstore, Vivo city, KizCiti, Tiniworld, Water park Water Fun)…

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