In order to meet the capital needs of customers to revive production and business after Covid-19 outbreak, from 5 April 2021 to 30 June 2021, BIDV launches a new short-term loan package "Connecting - Reaching Out" with a scale of VND 60,000 billion.

Similar to the loan package of VND 70,000 billion that has just ended, customers participating in the new loan package will continue to enjoy extremely preferential interest rates of only from 5% p.a for loans termed less than 6 months  and only from 5.5% p.a for loans from 06 months to 12 months.

Adding more capital to the market at this time will help individual customers access cheap capital, promoting production and business activities that are on the way to recovery after Covid-19. In the situation that economic activities promise to be vibrant in the second quarter of 2021, credit demand increases more strongly, lending interest rates remain stable compared to the end of 2020, creating favorable conditions for individual customers.

Customers who borrow capital for production and business during this time will simultaneously participate in many attractive incentive programs from other products and services such as e-banking, insurance, deposit,... for an effective management of personal account such as: Free maintenance of e-banking services; Offering up to VND 50,000 for new customers registering BIDV SmartBanking and a chance to win a Hyundai car worth of VND 430 million... In addition, borrowers also enjoy card incentives (credit cards, debit cards). by period.

Since the beginning of 2021, BIDV has disbursed nearly VND 70,000 billion with an interest rate of only from 5% p.a to help individual customers access preferential capital. The loan packages are applied by a large number of customers and quickly end before the due date.

If you need a loan, please register online at or contact the nearest BIDV branch and 24/7 Customer Service Call Center: 1900 92470.

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    Interest rate from 5% p.a

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