Following a series of activities to celebrate BIDV’s 66th anniversary, from now until 31 December 2023, customers who sign up for BIDV SmartBanking on online channels may receive cash gift of up to VND 110,000 to their account and many other attractive offers.

3 simple steps, 110K cash gift:

Sign up for BIDV SmartBanking now with super-fast steps as follows:

- Step 1: Download BIDV SmartBanking app and sign up online using eKYC (for customers who do not have information at BIDV); or sign up online on the app and authenticate using ATM card PIN (for customers who have a BIDV ATM card) or using a set of security question (for customers who already have information at BIDV without any ATM card).

- Step 2: Log in to the app and change your password after your first login.

Upon completion, you will immediately receive VND 10,000 in your BIDV bank account.

- Step 3: Make at least 3 types of financial transactions below within the month of signing up to receive an additional cash gift of VND 100,000.

Types of transaction include:

  • Money transfer (internal transfer, external transfer, 24/7 transfer, QR code-based transfer).
  • Bill payment (electricity, water, internet, cable TV, etc.).
  • Payment (VNPAY-QR, taxi, flower order, train/bus ticket, hotel booking, movies ticket, etc.).
  • Phone topup.
  • Online savings.
  • Account opening of desired name (fee > VND 0).

The program will be implemented until 31 December 2023 or until BIDV’s notice of termination.

Discover lifetime offers and bountiful benefits on BIDV SmartBanking

In addition to all fee waiver and many attractive offers and promotions, BIDV SmartBanking also continuously expands and improves the service ecosystem to meet diversified needs of customers, including consumption, savings, payment, shopping, transportation, etc.

With BIDV SmartBanking, customers are provided with many other services such as booking air tickets, hotels, train-bus tickets, movie tickets, ordering flowers, delivering goods..., making daily life more simple and convenient.

With the goal of becoming the Bank with the best digital platform in Vietnam, aiming to serve all customers and promote cashless payments, BIDV has just launched BIDV Smart Kids - the first digital bank for children. This is the BIDV SmartBanking version for children from 6 years old and above, enabling children’s independent use under the permission and direction of their parents. Specifically, children will have their own login name (which is the registered phone number) and password, creating a sense of independence and privacy for them. At the same time, children will be able to use financial and banking services by themselves based on the limit set by their parents, thereby practicing their ability for making plans, decisions and managing expenditures and savings. For more details, please click here.

Download the app and sign up for BIDV SmartBanking now!


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