We have made it convenient for everyone who would like to deposit money into bank accounts opened at BIDV. You can now make the transaction at Vietnam Post offices nationwide instead of visiting the bank.

With over 6,000 post offices from big cities to remote areas across the country, Vietnam Post is easy to locate and now accepts deposits into BIDV accounts. Unlike the bank offices, those of Vietnam Post open out of working hours and on Saturdays and Sundays, giving flexible transaction time.

After the transaction is carried on at Vietnam Post, the transferring money will be immediately deposited into the beneficiary’s account at BIDV, which takes approximately the same amount of time as conducting it at BIDV’s bank counter. The information of the transaction is secured and stored at the system of both the bank and Vietnam Post, serving the purpose of tracking and looking up transaction history.

This service is for both individual and corporate customers who wish to deposit money into accounts opened at BIDV. Especially, chain stores such as pharmacies, super markets, retail stores, food suppliers, restaurants, etc. will have an alternative option to submit revenue to BIDV accounts and save communing time.

BIDV and Vietnam Post would like to provide customers with another solution to conduct a quick and safe money deposit transaction. Experience BIDV’s advance payment services and Vietnam Post’s postal services nationwide.

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