The duo of BIDV Visa Business Credit Card and BIDV MasterCard Business Debit Card has emerged as contemporary and secure payment instruments closely intertwined with corporate activities. In our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experiences with international corporate cards, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC., (BIDV) proudly presents the exclusive “Let's Card - Exceptional Benefits, Pathway to Success” program.

Superior Cashback Rewards

From 01/05/2023 to 31/12/2023, when opening a new business card, corporate clients will enjoy exceptional cashback rewards of up to 8 million VND/card.

Specifically, BIDV Visa Business Credit Card holder will enjoy an instant cashback of one million VND/card when the total eligible spending reaches 10 million VND. Additionally, clients will receive cashback of up to 2.4% on each eligible overseas transaction, including online payments made on foreign websites/applications (such as Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, etc.), and 0.4% for other eligible spending transactions.

As for BIDV MasterCard Business Debit Card, clients will be provided the privilege of  500,000 VND immediate cashback for each newly issued card when the total spending reaches 10 million VND, along with a cashback of 0.3% on all eligible transactions.

BIDV also provides clients the exemption from card issuance fee and 1st year annual fee, which helps corporates save costs to the maximum extent when making payments with BIDV cards.

BIDV presents the exclusive "Let's Card - Exceptional Benefits, Pathway to Success" program

Competitive interest - only 10%/year

Along with the cashback benefits, BIDV offers BIDV Visa Business Credit Card holder a competitive interest rate of only 10%/year as well as a range of outstanding conveniences. Corporates are entitled to an unlimited number of supplementary cards with a credit limit of up to 5 billion VND and an interest-free period of up to 45 days. Such privileges provide clients the proactiveness in cost reduction and management.

BIDV Business Card is a comprehensive solution tailored to facilitate clients in costs and financial management via the digitalization of transactions. When using cashless payment solution, clients can enjoy the convenience of spending management on BIDV iBank and personal-corporate payment separation, which help reduce payment risks.

Especially, a series of exclusive privileges from VISA and MasterCard are for the enjoyment of all BIDV Business Credit Card holders in Vietnam, namely exquisite experience at world-class restaurants, hotels, golf courses and other international service providers.
With the built-in of EMV-qualified modern security technology, 3D Secure method and Contactless payment technology, clients own the experience of high-processing speed but secured payments at all acceptance points over the world and online platforms.

For further information of the program, please contact the nearest BIDV branch, BIDV Service Center 1900 9247 or


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