The Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) officially launches the BIDV Visa Business credit card and BIDV Mastercard Business debit card, featuring a brand new design, with preferential privileges for cardholders.

The enhanced card model with superior utility

Designed specifically for corporate clients, these cards reflect BIDV's new brand identity, seamlessly blending vibrant green hues symbolizing prosperity, ambition and sustainable development with the dynamic apricot blossom combined, creating a visually modern, sophisticated and prestigious design for cardholders.

Beyond the innovative design, the BIDV Business Card duo brings superior utility experiences. Leveraging the BIDV Business card enhances financial management efficiency by segregating personal and business expenses,  while facilitating easy expenditure management across multiple platforms ( in-person transactions at branches, online transactions via BIDV iBank ).

With Contactless technology, cardholders experience swift and secure payment transactions, enabling diverse payments for services such as fees, transportation, online advertising, shopping, restaurant services, hotels, golf courses,..

Additionally, the incorporation of modern EMV standard security measures and 3D Secure for online transactions assures customers of secure transactions with BIDV at all card-accepting points, both domestically and internationally, as well as through global online payment channels.

Preferential Cashback

The utilization of the BIDV business card duo unlocks exceptional cashback benefits, optimizing operational costs for enterprises. For valid transactions at all restaurants, hotels and resorts, both domestically and internationally, customers will receive an instant 10% cashback. At the same time applying a specific cashback rate for each card type, elevating the total maximum cashback to 12.4%, equivalent to nearly VND 10 million/ card/year.

Specifically, BIDV Visa Business entitles cardholders to cashback of up to 2.4% for valid international transactions and 0.4% for other valid expenditures. For BIDV Mastercard Business, customers will receive a cashback of 0.3% for all valid transactions. Moreover, for newly issued cards with a total valid expenditure of VND 10 million or more, cardholders will receive an instant VND 1,000,000 cashback for BIDV Visa Business and VND 500,000 for BIDV Mastercard Business.

Furthermore, customers benefit from complimentary card issuance and no annual fees in the first year, thereby maximizing cost savings for enterprises using BIDV cards for transactions. Customers may also receive numerous preferences from premium product and service providers under the Visa and MasterCard incentive programs for business card holders in Vietnam, such as airport lounges, high-end restaurants, hotels, golf course privileges, and exclusive offers from international online service providers. 

For detailed information and assistance, please contact the nearest BIDV branch, Customer Support Hotline 1900 9247 or visit


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