Supply Chain Financing is an effective solution to help Clients reduce financial costs and improve their operation efficiency.

In the context where Vietnam's economy is on the track of recovery and remarkable growth, to create opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to develop domestic supply chains as well as joining the global supply chain, the solution of supply chain financing is considered an optimal solution to promote the circulation of goods and economic development.

Acknowledging this demand, BIDV has launched the "BIDV SCFast" program with attractive incentives for products and services as well as diverse financial solutions for enterprises.

Specifically, from March 1st, 2023 to November 30th, 2023, corporate clients being center enterprises, suppliers, and distributors participating in BIDV's supply chain financing program will enjoy many practical incentives.

BIDV will give the first 15 center enterprises a Macbook Air worth 25 million VND each as a present if such clients successfully implement the solution with BIDV in 2023 and introduce at least 10 institutional suppliers/distributors to participate in the program. At the same time, the first 45 suppliers or distributors to establish credit relationship under the supply chain financing program in 2023 will be gifted an iPad worth 11 million VND each.

BIDV provides its domestic and international corporate clients a credit solution with competitive interest rates. Moreover, BIDV is always ready to offer Clients advice on credit solutions that meet the specific needs of each business, ensuring timely and sufficient working capital support for its Clients.

BIDV also provides all eligible corporate clients a free access to the BIDV SCF software program, an online software program developed by BIDV solely for supply chain enterprises with the aim of providing a range of utilities and optimizing Clients’ experience, for 3 months from the date of signing the contract.

For specifications, all transactions are processed online and auto-synchronized among relevant parties, which reduces processing time. The software also supports enterprises in managing transaction information such as credit limits, transaction status, processing results and performing automatic and multidimensional transaction reports.

BIDV provides free access to BIDV SCF software program for 03 months.

Moreover, SME clients participating in the program will enjoy a free account on SMEasy, a digital platform where BIDV provides supports solely for its SME clients.

In exchange for BIDV’s effort to provide the best products and services for supply chain clients, many enterprises have been choosing BIDV as a trusted partner in their production and business activities.

To date, BIDV has provided supply chain financing solutions to a number of leading and large enterprises as well as FDI clients, attracting hundreds of suppliers and distributors in various fields to apply the solution.

BIDV has implemented a comprehensive and specialized supply chain financing solution for clients operating in various potential industries such as animal feed, food and beverage, construction materials, telecommunications, petroleum/chemicals, automobiles/ electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

BIDV has recently been recognized as the "Best Supply Chain Finance Service Provider in Vietnam 2022" by the International Finance Magazine, which is a testament to BIDV's reputation and effectiveness in implementing solutions for supply chain enterprises. 



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