In order to bring convenience to customers, BIDV provides the feature to set/change PIN (Personal Identification Number) online on SmartBanking application and will stop sending paper PIN for international cardholders issued from February 20, 2023.

From February 20, 2023, BIDV international debit/credit cardholders can set PIN (after activating the card) or change PIN on Smartbanking app at any time instead of using paper PIN.

The service brings practical benefits such as saving time, free of charge, protecting environment from reducing paper consumption.


  • The  PIN is initialized on Smartbanking immediately without waiting time like a paper PIN
  • Cardholder shall be deemed to have received PIN when cardholder sets the PIN on BIDV SmartBanking (instead of receiving PIN in document/paper). Cardholders are responsible for the security of card information (card number, PIN, expiry date, CVV2/CVC2, etc.) and commit not to sharing information with others.
  • In case of any supports related to electronic PIN, please contact Customer Service hotline 19009247 and/or BIDV nearest branch.

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