In order to spread joy, fortune and happiness to customers all over the country and welcome the New Year 2020, BIDV launches the program “Wheel of Fortune” nationwide with many attractive gifts within the promotion program “Tet xanh - Green New Year”.

With the largest scale and highest total value so far this year, the “Tet xanh” program offers customers great chances to win plentiful valuable prizes in many products and services, including: Term deposits, Personal loans, Receiving remittances (Western Union, Swift), BIDV SmartBanking, Cards (domestic and international), etc.

In addition to great environmental friendly prizes such as Ford EcoSport fuel-efficient cars, Honda PCX hybrid 150 clean fuel motorcycles or Asama mountaineer sports bikes, from 16 December 2019 to 17 January 2020, the program will offer customers who make transactions at the Bank’s counter thousands of green gifts.

In the bustling atmosphere to welcome the New Year 2020, BIDV launches a roadshow program, bringing “Wheel of Fortune” to customers across the provinces and cities nationwide. Customers who make transactions at the counter during the roadshow's arrival will be eligible to participate in the “Wheel of Fortune” to receive green gifts such as porcelain mugs, glass jam jars, fashionable three-fold umbrellas, and convenient thermos or indoor greenery.

A customer won a thermos at Nghe An branch in Vinh city

List of “Wheel of Fortune” destinations is attached here.

Please contact your nearest branch in the list to know the exact time the Roadshow brings “Wheel of Fortune” to you!


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