Instead of remembering an account number consisting of only digits, with BIDV's Elite Account service, customers can choose their own bank account numbers in different styles such as Nickname, favorite name, number sequence. optional or the customer's phone number is completely free.

Launched from July 2022, the Elite Account service offers customers 3 options: Nickname account, Account is a phone number and Account is an optional number. After nearly 1 year of launching the service, it has attracted up to 1 million accounts to be opened, with advantages such as brevity, easy to remember, bold personal impression, and is increasingly being used by more and more customers. .
Brand affirmation
“My account number is: Namtinhte” – the surprising answer for Thao when a friend texted her bank account number to transfer money, afraid of confusion, Thao asked again and learned that this was an open Nickname account at BIDV. Using an account with a personal and bold nickname is creating a new trend of using accounts for BIDV's customers in recent years.
With just a few taps on the BIDV SmartBanking digital banking application, customers can turn long lines of account numbers into compact, easy-to-remember, personal brand.
In addition to setting a Nickname for a bank account, this feature is also loved by store owners, especially online business customers, because it is possible to set the account number according to the store name/shop name that is easy to recall convenience in transactions. Mr. Tung, the owner of a food business in Hanoi said that from the day he used his Nickname account, he felt that he saved time every time he had to reply to a customer's message asking for his account number taste and remember the restaurant's account number.
Simple, suitable for all customers
If the Nickname account is loved by young people and business shop owners, using phone number as bank account is easy to remember and popular with everyone and cannot be the same as someone else's because the system will set the main account number as the customer's registered phone number for BIDV SmartBanking service. Whether students, or office workers, business shop owners, even elderly customers can use it.
More than numbers
With Elite Account, customers can turn dry numbers into "talking" by setting the account number as a date of birth, a lucky number, an anniversary, or a meaningful number. exclusive to customers.
The service of setting account number by nickname, phone number is provided by some banks in the market with different options, with BIDV's Elite Account service, the biggest difference is that customers will not must open a new account, but the Elite Account will be directly linked to the customer's existing account number, without causing confusion and changing the account number, the customer can use both accounts in parallel. Nickname and initial default account to receive money transfers within the same BIDV or interbank 24/7 system.
Especially, from now until August 31, 2023, customers will get all 3 types of Accounts for FREE (Nickname, phone number and number sequence). With just a few simple steps on the BIDV SmartBanking application, customers can change the account number according to their preferences.
For further advice, please contact the 24/7 Customer Care Center: 1900 9247 or the nearest BIDV Branch for support.


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