In order to increase convenience for customers, BIDV SmartBanking digital banking application has just upgraded and added many new features such as: Online loans, QR payments in Thailand, online credit card installment registration..., customers can experience right from 08/05/2023.

Easy QR payment in Thailand on BIDV SmartBanking

BIDV's customers when traveling, working or shopping in Thailand will no longer have to worry about exchanging foreign currencies with high fees and incurring risks when carrying cash. Now only with BIDV SmartBanking application, customers can easily pay with their own Vietnamese Dong account by scanning QR codes at payment acceptance points in Thailand (PromptPay), as easy as QR payment. domestic.

With just 2 simple steps on BIDV SmartBanking, customers can easily pay and spend in Thailand.

Step 1: Log in to BIDV SmarBanking, select the "QR Scan" feature, scan the QR code at the store to make payment.

Step 2: Enter the amount to be paid in Baht (Thai currency), the system will automatically convert the exchange rate between VND/Baht and enter the OTP pin to complete the transaction.

Online mortgage loan with passbook/certificate of deposit

In order to meet the financial needs of individual customers, BIDV officially launched an online mortgage loan product with a passbook/certificate of deposit in VND (excluding accumulated deposits). with many attractive offers:

- Loan up to 90% of the available value of the collateral, up to 1 billion VND/loan, and at least 01 million VND.

- Preferential loan interest rate: Equal to the interest rate of the mortgaged deposit + 1%

- Loan period: Equal to the remaining term of the deposit according to the current deposit term but not exceeding 12 months, for example your savings account is 12 months, at the time of the mortgage loan, there will be 5 months remaining. settlement, the loan period is 5 months.

Note: The time to apply for an online mortgage loan with a passbook/certificate of deposit is from 08h00 to 16h30 working days (excluding public holidays and New Year's Day). In order to be approved and approved for loan disbursement, customers need to go to BIDV branch where the customer has registered for a loan to hand over the passbook/press only deposit before 5:00 p.m. on the same day of loan registration, after the above transaction time. loan registration will be cancelled.

Previously, BIDV also launched an online mortgage loan feature with an online savings account, customers apply for a loan and money will be disbursed to the customer account in just 1 minute with interest rate and loan limit. similar to a mortgage with a passbook/certificate of deposit.

Pay your phone bill and top up your traffic with BPoints

From now on, besides the option of using money in the account to top up mobile phones or non-stop traffic accounts, BIDV's customers have an additional convenient and economical payment option when recharging their mobile phones. or VETC/Epass non-stop traffic accounts with BPoints – bonus points accumulated after each transaction that meets the conditions of the Membership Rewards program.

Customers only need to access the "Payment" section on BIDV SmartBanking application, select "Top-up" / "Transportation", select "Redeem with Bpoint" to exchange points with the conversion value: 01 Bpoint = 01 VND.

In addition, customers can also exchange Bpoint to receive thousands of other gifts such as vouchers for food, dining, shopping, utilities ... at the "Redeem gift" feature.

Register for online credit card installment payment on BIDV SmartBanking

Installment via credit card is a form of installment purchase where the amount to be paid will be paid entirely by credit card. The transaction amount will be divided into equal contributions, including: prepayment amount, monthly installment payment...

To meet the spending and shopping needs of customers, BIDV has implemented allowing customers to register for credit card installment payments through the following channels: SMS; BIDV Customer Service Center 1900 9247; at the store, the brand is an installment affiliate with BIDV; Website of BIDV.

For convenience and flexibility for customers, BIDV has just implemented a feature that allows customers to register for installment payments on BIDV SmartBanking application with simple steps:

Step 1: Select the "Card service" feature on BIDV SmartBanking, then select "Credit card installment".

Step 2: At the installment screen, select the "Register for Installment" tab, the system will display the transactions that are eligible for installment payment and there will be a Register button in the right corner.

Step 3: Customers choose the term they want to pay in installments, the screen will display the monthly installment amount plus the installment fee that the customer will have to pay.

Step 4: Enter the OTP code to complete the installment registration verification.

In addition to the above features, in this upgrade, BIDV SmartBanking also implemented a series of other new features including: Linking/unlinking/refilling to VNPAY e-wallet; Prepaid card management features (Pin prepaid card; Information query; Look up transaction history; Lock/unlock online transactions...); Cancel registration for using domestic debit card online on BIDV SmartBanking.

To experience new features, please visit the App Store or Google Play to update the latest BIDV SmartBanking application.

For more information, please contact Customer Service Center: 1900 9247 for support.


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