From 14 August 2020 to 14 February 2021, first-time customers linking their BIDV accounts to Momo e-wallet and inserting BIDV code will receive gift cards from Momo valued VND500,000 in total.

This promotion applies to first-time customers linking bank accounts to Momo e-wallet. Follow the instruction below to receive VND500,000 gift cards from Momo:

 -  Step 1: Download app MoMo.

 - Step 2: Open MoMo, insert referral code “BIDV2020” or ask BIDV staffs for support.

 -  Step 3: Link MoMo to your BIDV account (BIDV SmartBanking is recommended among authentication methods)

 - Step 4: Transfer at least VND10,000 from your bank account to MoMo wallet.

To check your gift cards: Login Momo app on your mobile device > Select “Promotion” on the bottom left corner of the main screen > List of gift cards is under MY GIFTS.

For more information about Momo linking and gift cards, please call 1900545441.

About BIDV’s products and services, please visit nearest BDIV branch or call BIDV Customer Care via 19009247 for assistance.


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