This summer, look out for a lower air ticket price and explore breath-taking scenes in Vietnam with BIDV SmartBanking and Bamboo Airways - offers up to VND300,000.

From 16 June 2020 to 7 July 2020, Bamboo Airways and BIDV are offering promo codes for air ticket bookings.

In particular, customers booking Bamboo Airways tickets on BIDV SmartBanking between 8:00am and 23:59pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will receive a discount as follows:

- For bookings from VND1,500,000 customers input promo code VNPAY100 and receive VND100,000 discount

- For bookings from VND2,500,000 customers input promo code VNPAY200 and receive VND200,000 discount, maximum 50 codes/day

- For bookings from VND4,000,000 customers input promo code VNPAY300 and receive VND300,000 discount, maximum 20 codes/day

Note: One customer is entitled to one promo code during the promotion period

Instead of visiting air ticket agents or browsing each airline’s website, customers can use BIDV SmartBanking to access all flight information, compare different airlines’ fare and schedule, and pick out the most favorable flight.

In addition, the payment is made right on the bank mobile app without using a third party portal, thus guarantee security

Follow the below steps to book air ticket on BIDV SmartBanking:

Step 1: Login BIDV SmarBanking, select “Book air ticket”

Step 2: Select your desired flight.

Step 3: Fill in the information of the passenger and make payment

Successfully booking, customers will receive e-ticket via email and SMS.

For more information please contact:

- Booking assistance (VNPAY): 1900 5555 20

- BIDV Contact Center: 19009247

Encouraging customers to experience the convenience of e-banking, as well as increasing cashless transactions to help protect the environment, BIDV has offered many incentives for BIDV SmartBanking users as follows:

- Extra 0.5% p.a. interest rate for online savings

- 70% off of interbank transfer fee, starting from only VND2,200 per transaction, which is the lowest rate among the State-owned banks.

- No maintenance fee

- No fee applied for top-up mobile, bills payments, donation transfers…

Join hands with BIDV – For a green life

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