In order to attract visitors to local tourist attractions, Vietnam Airlines and BIDV are offering VND199,000 one-way domestic air tickets, starting from 19 Feb 2020 to 6 March 2020.

The program applies to over 30 domestic routes operated by Vietnam Airlines departing from 4 September 2020 to 26 December 2020.

Flight numbers under this program:

+ HAN-SGN route: VN7207, VN7209, VN209, VN217, VN233, VN269, VN277, VN279, VN285, VN287, VN7261, VN7263, VN7281.

+ SGN-HAN route: VN7206, VN7220, VN7208, VN208, VN216, VN236, VN272, VN276, VN284, VN7248, VN7238, VN7280.

+ Other routes: all flight numbers


+ Only applicable to flights operated by Vietnam Airlines

+ Not valid for refund, cancellation and redemption

+ Price not included tax and fees

In order to receive the promo, customers log in BIDV SmartBanking app, then conveniently and quickly book tickets by following the steps as follows:

         - Step 1: Login BIDV SmartBanking on your smart phone

         - Step 2: Select “Book air ticket”, select your flight and carrier Vietnam Airlines

         - Step 3: Fill out passenger’s information, confirm payment.

The advantage of booking air tickets on BIDV SmartBanking is that customers do not need to enter payment information (Internet Banking account or ATM card). After the transaction verification step, ticket fare will be deducted directly from your bank account. Compared to traditional ticket booking methods, this option is more time-saving, less effort and more secured as customers do not have to provide bank account information to 3rd parties.

For assistance, please contact Customer Care (VNPAY) via 1900 5555 20.


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