From 18 June 2021 to 17 May 2022, BIDV international cardholders making transactions online via international websites will receive cashback of up to VND2.2 million.

- Cash back 10%, maximum of  VND200,000 for each customer whose total cross-border sale volume  from VND300,000 dong in each period section.

- Promotion period: From 18 June 2021 to 17 May 2022 and divided into 11 sections.

- Eligible card:

+ BIDV Visa credit card (not including Visa TPV): Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum Cash Back, Visa Premier, MasterCard Platinum, Vietravel Platinum, Visa Business, Visa Precious, Visa Smile, Visa Flexi, Vietravel Standard

+ BIDV international debit card: Ready, Young Plus, Vietravel, MasterCard Premier, MasterCard Platinum Debit, MasterCard Business

- Note: Register now by sending message "BIDV Y" to 8149

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