1. Promotion period:  from 09 November 2020 to 08 November 2021

2. Scope of deployment: BIDV branches

3. Eligible cards: Platinum BIDV international cards includes but not limited to the following cards:

- BIDV Visa Platinum credit (BIN number: 427126)

- BIDV Visa Premier credit (BIN number: 427126)

- BIDV MasterCard Platinum credit (BIN number: 53051500)

- BIDV Visa Platinum Cashback credit (BIN number: 427126)

- BIDV MasterCard Platinum debit (BIN number: 517453)

Issued by BIDV and still valid (include primary card and supplementary card); cardholder is between 18 and 65 years of age.

4. The Insured Person:

- BIDV Eligible cardholders above and;

- Wife/husband/dependent children under 24 years old of BIDV cardholder

5. Scope of insurance: Accident insurance for the BIDV Cardholders traveling by plane (including overseas and domestic trips) during the implement period).

6. Insurance Content: Personal accident insurance during the trip with insured amount up to VND11,650,000,000 with the following benefits:

• Insurance in case of war and terrorism

• Cancelled flight

• Delayed flights

• Baggage is delayed

• Loss or damage of luggage and belongings

• 24-Hour Global Medical Relief and Travel Support through the INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE CO., LTD hotline. (Thailand) (+662 039-5717)


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