Credit card installment – Useful tips for shopaholics

To meet the needs of shopping and spending in modern life, credit card installments have become more and more popular for its convenience, flexibility and preferential interest rate of 0% .



Most of banks now offer this feature to bring maximum benefits to customers and promote spending volume of cardholders. Credit card installments allow customers to purchase products/services right away and pay monthly installments with flexible terms of up to 12 months without additional cumbersome documents. 

 Forms of installment

There are currently two forms of credit card installments:

(1) cardholders register for installment payment at the merchants affiliated  with banks; or (2) cardholders register for installments directly with banks.

Installment with affiliated partners

When using credit card to buy goods at affiliated partners, besides such partner’s promotions, customers are also entitled to installments and preferential interest rate of 0% offered by the Bank. In addition, customers can get a free installment conversion or just pay lower fees than those applied at non-affiliated partners.

Installment at non-affiliated partners

Some banks allow customers to convert purchases into credit card installments at any partner which are not affiliated with banks. However, for transactions at non-affiliated partners, the cardholder will incur an installment conversion fee that is usually higher than that of affiliated partners. This fee amount shall be specified by each bank, which requires customer's careful research before signing up to convert transactions to credit card installments.

Conversion procedures: The conversion of payment for buying goods and services at stores or brands affiliated with banks into installments is quite simple and only takes about 5-10 minutes.


Store installments

Online installments


Select products and pay by credit card

Select products and click installment payment button


Complete the installment registration form

Fill out payment information


The store transfers installment registration to the bank

The store transfers installment registration to the bank


The bank converts the transaction and notifies customer

The bank converts the transaction and notifies customer


Customer pay the installment amount on the monthly statement

Customer pay the installment amount on the monthly statement

In addition, you can also buy goods at any store, any brand and register directly with the bank to for conversion. As specifically provided by banks, customers can call hotline, send message or visit the Bank’s counter to register.

After successful conversion, customers only need to pay their monthly installments displayed on their bank statement.


Customers should request for necessary information about the installment payment and costs incurred for the product you are about to buy, the store, brand may/may not allow installment payment or may collect conversion fee depending on product items.

The available limit on your credit card will be deducted an amount which is equal to payment transaction amount and will be increased in proportion to the installment amount you pay over the statement periods.

You should not make prepayment or stop  the 0% installments because all banks now apply a prepayment penalty, while the monthly installments are not subject to any charges.

If the payment is due as shown in the monthly statement, but you fail to pay the full installment amount on the statement, then such amount will be subject to an interest as normal credit card balance.

Currently, BIDV has implemented the installment payment feature to all BIDV credit cardholders. BIDV cardholders can buy 0% interest installment at merchants such as FPT Shop, Adayroi, Tiki, Sendo, Shopee,, Cho Lon electronics, Apax English, Apollo, Language Link, VNVC, Vua Nem, Mernad spa, etc.

To update BIDV's affiliated partners, please click here.

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