Dubai - three lenses on the desert world

The 5-star Emirates flight took us to the famous arid desert - Dubai. From the airplane, we could see hundreds of skyscrapers in Dubai that sparkled like stars, due to the colorful reflective lights fitted on them. From here, we began our adventure.



The Mosque with various world records

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in recent years, Abu Dhabi can be comparable to New York and Paris in market power. Moreover, it also home to the world's most luxurious. Contrary to a bustle Dubai, Abu Dhabi brings the feeling of tranquility and romance. Here, you can cycle or walk on the coastal roads, watching the tall buildings dominantly standing on the quiet streets.

Dubai was somewhat harsh under the early summer sun. The old village was the first place we visited. It recreates the life journey of Dubai citizens from when it was still a small fishing village until it became a prosperous United Arab Emirates with oil and renewable energy mining industry nowadays.

There is one place in Abu that you cannot help visiting - the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - which was named after the founding president of the United Arab Emirates. He was also the person who came up with the idea and laid the foundation for this building, which combines the diverse world of Muslim cultures and beliefs and various architecture and art from other countries around the world. Nothing can describe the splendor and magnificence of this Mosque.

 Right from outside, you will be overwhelmed by the pure white 107-meter high towers made of marble blocks, imprinted in the deep blue sky. Before going inside, you will go through an artificial lake embracing a marvelous patterned marble corridor. And from this moment, visitors will be allured by the marble slabs imported from Italy, India, China and Brazil, etc., each of which is a masterpiece decorated with flowers, featuring a pure, gorgeous beauty.

The citizens visit the mosque to pray 5 times a day, 15 minutes each, even though there is not any statue, picture or symbol representing the image of a God inside. Allah is right in their hearts and they strongly believe that every time they pray, the Allah in their heart will bless them. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is known as the diamond on the crown of the United Arab Emirates for its prayer hall featured by the German largest chandelier in the world, 12 tons weight, assembled from thousand pieces of Swarovski crystals. Another masterpiece is the 18,300-square-meter 35-ton basilica rug, which took two years and 1,300 workers to complete, featuring the world-mastered art of sculpture and painting. Despite my limited knowledge on painting, I was still fascinated by the sophisticated and attractive characters and patterns on the marble, symbolizing eternal beauty. The mosque opens its back door to a palm garden with a gentle pathway..

Eating golden cupcake at 7-star hotel

Visiting Dubai, you will be really overwhelmed by its luxurious services for the richest people. The legendary sail 7-star hotel with the immense green palm forest is outstanding in the brilliant golden sun and blue sea. This place is only for super rich people!

Our 18-member team went to the Emirates Palace hotel, a 7-star hotel with a red Lamborghini supercar always parking in front of its door, ready for visitors to sit in and drive around the hotel before checking in. The hotel is like a beautiful ancient castle with golden luxurious furniture. After enjoying the marvelous architecture, we settled down on the supreme luxurious sofa and calmly waited for something amazing to happen. Enjoy golden cupcakes and super-premium gold-plated coffee. With 65 USD for golden cupcake and coffee, their flavor will probably stay forever in our memory. We were indulged in the romantic adventure of Abu summer when the sunlight started to fade, enjoying coffee in the gentle melodious music, and embedding ourselves in the scene of the brilliant golden empire.

When the sunset comes, the sun mixed into the clouds and the sea. In the fantastic Persian Gulf, the hotel was mysteriously sparkling like an ancient castle. I believe everyone who comes here cannot help enjoying the magical coffee and watching the mysterious sea.

An unforgettable desert trip

Your experience in Dubai will not be fulfilled without exploring the Safari desert on Land Cruise, which is a special tour of this land.

The desert sand is like a bronze-red powder, spreading endlessly to the horizon. Rows of white cars stand out on the red sand, just like a stunning picture. The feeling of riding in the desert is just as strong as riding a roller coaster. For me, this is the most impressive day for the whole trip with the unforgettable moment of featuring ourselves as aboriginals of a local tribe. Vehicles used for Safari desert tours must be the ones specialized for desert sand. On Toyota's super-strong Land Cruiser, we got to try the super-strong feeling like a Formula 1 race in the merry-go-round music of a jovial driver over towering sand dunes.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the desert was as hot as fire on Asian skin. Yet it couldn’t prevent us from continuing this magical journey. After buying the Muslim aboriginal clothes, I quickly turned myself into an Arab girl. The team started racing in the bustling music. Drivers are just like the racers in the Fast & Furious series. There were times when the car jumped up and down like a galloping horse. Everything was softened a little bit when our car run on a flat sand dune before going up and climbing, then in a moment plunged down without slowing down. We had not fully recovered before seeing our car going straight down the sand dunes. Just like that, the repeated vertical sinusoidal journey made visitors both scared and excited. Despite of that, many people were able to record the vast desert immersed in beautiful yellow color.

After the terrifying race, our feet stepped on the fine sand, knowing that we was still alive. The car drove slowly on the flat road to the aboriginal village. This place simulates the life of an ancient tribe on a mysterious and fascinating desert. In the afternoon, the temperature dropped quickly, air became cooler, and the sunset was featured by the gentle wildness. At this time, we enjoyed coffee and shisha with an alluring scent. I felt very small in the midst of this vast desert when the night fell very quickly. The Arab buffet was now waiting for everyone on the stage with roast lamb, roast goat and Arabic vegetables. The belly-dance started in the swirling music and alluring shisha. In the middle of the Arab world, the feeling of hands holding became more memorable than ever...

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