The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Dien Bien Branch (BIDV Dien Bien) Notice on selection of asset valuation enterprise as follows:

1. Property information:

Hause ank residential land according to the certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets No. BG 062871 issued by Dien Bien Phu City People’s Committee on 15/06/2015, Numbers into the notebook: CH 28320.

- Soil

+ Land parcel no: 75

+ Map sheet no: 16

+ Land parcel address: Residential group 10 (Formerly a residential group 32), Muong Thanh Ward, Dien Bien City, Dien Bien Province.

+ Acreage: 140 m2 (Text: One hundred and forty square meters)

+ Purpose of using land: Land in urban areas

+ Land use form: + Using land: 140 m2

+ General use: No m2

+ Expiry date: Castel

+ Origin use: The state recognizes land use rights as the state allocates land without collecting land use fees

+ Assets attached to lane: Grade iv.building, 3 floors, construction are 105m2, Floor area 315 m2, House built in 2010.

2. Deadline for application submission: The time limit for direct submission is 07 days from the date of notification (documents submitted by post are counted according to the postmark, provided that BIDV Dien Bien must receive them within the time limit, 10 days from the date of notification).

3. Location of application:

- The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Dien Bien Branch, Corporate Customer Office, Address: 2nd floor, No. 888, Residential Group 4, Muong Thanh Ward, City.Dien Bien Phu

- Contact: Mr. Dam Viet Tung (Email:; Tel: 0987861602).

4. Selection criteria:

- The selected enterprise must be on the Ministry of Finance's public list of price appraisal enterprises eligible for price appraisal activities.

- The selected valuation enterprise is not eligible for price appraisal according to the provisions of the Price Law and its guiding documents.

5. A registration dossier includes:

- Legal documents of the enterprise.

- Description of capacity and experience.

- Letter of quotation, other commitments of the valuation enterprise (if any).

* Note:

- The registration dossier automatically expires in case the valuation enterprise is not appraised according to the provisions of law.

- BIDV Dien Bien will send a written notice of the result to the appraised enterprise. selected, units that are not notified of the results are considered unselected, BIDV Dien Bien does not return the application for unselected units./.


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