JSC Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, My Dinh Branch (BIDV My Dinh) announces the seizure of collateral as follows:

1. Total outstanding of Ba Sao Viet Nam Company Limited at BIDV My Dinh as of  09 June 2020, in particular:

- Principal: VND 46,396,619,602

-Overdue interest: VND 7,425,482,162

2. Information of collateral: Apartment No.1214, B Tower, CT2 building, Trung Van ward, Nam Tu Lien District, Hanoi City.

3. Reason for seizing: Handling collateral to recover debts as agreed in the Mortgage Contract and the provisions of law.

4. The time of seizing security assets: 10 am 30 June 2020 until the seizure has been completed.

5. Place of seizure: At the place of the collateral.

6. Term of seizure: From the time of seizing until the security property is handled, auctioned off for debt collection by BIDV My Dinh Branch or until the Borrower fulfills the debt repayment obligation.

7. Security asset handling price: Using valuation results of agencies and organizations with price appraisal function. The cost of hiring valuation agencies and organizations is included in the cost of handling security assets.

8. Handling method: Public auction through a functional auction organization selected by BIDV - My Dinh Branch.

9. Contact information:

-Mr Pham Minh Cuong - Relationship Manager - Coporate Customer Dept.2;

- Tel: 0912880793

- Address: BIDV My Dinh, B Tower, Golden Palace Buiding, Me Tri Street, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City


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