Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Thai Binh branch (BIDV Thai Binh) hereby announces the selection of asset valuation organizations as follows:

1. Property information:

- Name of property: 01 steel-hulled fishery logistics service ship; ships operate and operate normally.

- Description:

  • Year of manufacture: 2016
  • Production site: Nam Dinh
  • Registration Authority: Fishing Vessel Registration Center - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Longs: Lmax 41,85m, Ltk 37,00m
  • Width: Bmax 8,20m, Btk 8,20m              
  • Side height: D 3,60m;
  • Sunset: : d 2,68m
  • Freeboard: f 0,92m
  • Shell material: Steel
  • Total capacity: 302,00
  • Maximum carrying capacity: 200,0 ton
  • Speed: 10,50 knots per hour
  • Main machine capacity: 850 CV, Brand: Cummins, Machine number: 25410578, Production site: India

2. Period for applying documents:

Period for direct applying documents is five (5) days from the day of notice (documents sent by postal will be calculated according to stamp of post office, on condition that BIDV must receive documents within seven (7) days from day of notice).

3. Location for applying documents:

-  Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Thai Binh branch.

- Address: No. 80B, Ly Thuong Kiet Ward, Thai Binh City, Thai Binh Province.

- Contact: Mr. Tran Tuan Thanh (Email:; Telephone No. 0965868556)

4. Criterion for choosing:

- Selected enterprises must be on the public list of price appraising enterprises eligible for price appraisal activities of the Ministry of Finance.

- The selected price appraisal enterprise does not fall into the case of not being appraised in accordance with the Law on Prices and the documents guiding the implementation.

5. Registration file includes:

- Enterprise legal documents.

- Description of capacity and experience.

- Letter of quotation, other commitments of valuation enterprise (if any).

* Note:

- Notice on selection shall automatically become invalid in case the price appraisal enterprise is not permitted to perform appraisal of prices by law.

- BIDV Thai Binh shall send a written notice of the results to the selected price appraisal enterprise; those who have not been informed of the results are deemed to be unselected. BIDV Thai Binh do not return the application of unselected organizations.


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