On 28 April 2023, BIDV was honored with 09 IT awards at Sao Khue awards ceremony. “Application of chip-based ID in digital transactions at BIDV" was voted among Top 10 in the Digital Citizenship category.

This is the 11th year BIDV has participated in the Sao Khue Awards organized by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). This year, 06 out of 09 awards BIDV received are excellent IT applications, showing the organizer’s high appreciation of BIDV's IT products in the digital transformation process.

5 awards in the field of digital banking honored include: 

1. Virtual Account System is a solution that allows individual customers to set each account a specific nickname, which can be used instead of a current account number to receive/transfer money both and interbank.

2. BIDV iConnect is an optimal digital transformation solution for businesses. The product helps businesses connect and integrate banking services on their internal management system/software (accounting, human resources, financial management, etc., referred as ERP) through an electronic connection with BIDV's digital platforms.

3. 24/7 multi-channel international money transfer system: International money transfer transactions on channels including over-the-counter, digital – Internet banking/ Mobile banking

4. Automated Online Deposit Mortgage on SmartBanking: Fully automated from loan application to repayment, customers can experience a quick, convenient, simple, and cost-saving borrowing process on digital channels.

5. QR withdrawal on BIDV ATM for Korean customers: BIDV is the first bank to provide a service that allows Korean customers to use Korean mobile apps to scan QR codes to withdraw money at BIDV's ATM.

In addition, BIDV Notification Hub and the Commodity Derivatives Trading system were honored in the field of digital transformation platforms. The BIDV Notification Hub helps connect customers with the bank by processing big data on customer transaction information. In contrast, the Commodity Derivatives Trading system helps digitize comprehensively, smoothly, and automatically handle many stages in the transaction processing, helping enterprises stabilize their production plans, increase business efficiency, and contribute to socio-economic development.

In the field of pioneering IT solutions and services, the BIDV Smart Loyalty ecosystem was honored as it is a pioneering loyalty solution in the banking industry that connects all channels and integrate Cross-Business with an ecosystem of hundreds of business partners and famous brands to create a diverse and attractive gift store; All create a seamless and impressive experience for customers.

In particular, the application of chip-based ID in digital transactions at BIDV is an excellent product, honored in the Top 10 Sao Khue Awards 2023 in the field of digital citizenship.

The 09 Sao Khue Awards affirm BIDV’s leading position in the readiness for IT development and application in Vietnam.



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