With impressive business results and outstanding services for individual customers, BIDV has excellently won the awards “Best State-Owned Retail Bank in Vietnam” and "Best Private Banking Service in Vietnam," along with two awards for the Best Home Loan Financing and Best International Credit Card in Vietnam, as voted by The Asian Banker magazine.

In 2022, BIDV continues to maintain its position as the number one retail bank in the market, leading in deposit market share, lending, and customer base. To achieve these impressive results, BIDV's retail banking activities in 2022 have made significant efforts and creativity in transitioning the business model and prioritizing customer centricity.

Business model transformation, identifying customer-centric values.

BIDV implements customer segment-serving models, promotes new sales models, develops service product packages that are suitable for customers' characteristics, focuses on digitizing operational processes, and bringing service products to digital channels.

BIDV pays attention to every customer touchpoint on the customer journey, listens to customers through all channels (voice, chat, email, Zalo, Facebook, app stores, TikTok, etc.), and applies automation and data analytics tools to proactively detect any issues and resolve them promptly. Proactively implementing solutions to minimize customer experience interruptions is a significant highlight that creates a difference with other banks in the market.

In particular, BIDV is the first state-owned commercial bank in Vietnam to provide standardized, upscale private banking services, establishing the Private Banking Center with high-class, modern service quality and customer experience. Here, customers are dedicatedly served by a team of asset management directors and trained advisors from leading international consulting partners.

Leading Private Banking and International Credit Card Services in the Market.

Private banking and International credit card services lead the market. BIDV defines the core values of Private Banking services, including Reliable Partnerships, Global Connections, Specialized Services, and Unlimited Privileges, to provide specialized, sustainable, and internationally standardized financial solutions. With the most comprehensive and diversified product portfolio on the market, exclusive services not only provide customers with a premium experience but also comprehensive care for their families, including three exclusive privileges: Lifestyle Privileges, Health Privileges, and Travel Privileges.

BIDV Private Banking Credit Card is a specialized product for high-end customers, which has created a difference and led the market for credit cards for high-class customers. In addition to the intelligent payment function of a financial product, it is also a powerful black card that shows the cardholder's status and identifies BIDV Private Banking's high-class customers within and outside Vietnam. With a ecosystem of thousands of partners across the market in fields such as aviation, resorts, cuisine, golf, spa, and health care, as well as a team of asset management directors to provide private support for customers, the BIDV Private Banking card accompanies and meets all customers' spending needs, bringing unlimited premium service experiences and enjoying a luxurious life.With standard steps in 2022, BIDV is honored to receive a double award for the high-end customer segment, "Best High-End Banking Services in Vietnam" and "Best International Credit Card Product in Vietnam."

Comprehensive technology transformation, increasing interaction and creating smooth experiences on digital channels

Identifying technology transformation as the core of success, BIDV focuses on maximizing the digitization of service products. The BIDV SmartBanking application provides a full ecosystem of service products on digital channels, covering all retail banking transactions and many additional features such as creating income and expenditure accounts, accumulating Membership Rewards, exchanging points, and immediate cashback, enhancing seamless experiences and customer bonding.

In particular, BIDV has launched Smart Kids - the first digital bank on the market for children, accompanying parents to educate their children on finance with outstanding features and utilities.

BIDV is also extremely proud to be the first bank in Vietnam to launch home loans on the Mobile App platform with the BIDV Home application, which integrates an automatic loan account creation system (RLOS) to digitize and automate the lending process. BIDV's home purchase loans have maintained their leading position for many years thanks to standardized procedures, streamlined procedures, and modern technology applications that shorten loan processing time and provide the best service. In addition, BIDV Home has become an all-in-one application for the ecosystem of home loan products, providing an excellent experience at every touchpoint for customers, creating new sales channels and accessing new customers for project investors and BIDV on the digital platform.

With its achievements and after going through several rounds of interviews and rigorous profile evaluations, BIDV is honored to receive 4 prestigious awards voted by The Asian Banker this year:

  • Best Retail Bank in Vietnam for the 8th time (in the State-Owned Retail Bank category in 2023).
  • Best Private Banking Service in Vietnam.
  • Best International Credit Card in Vietnam.
  • Best Home Loan Financing in Vietnam.



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