Core values

intelligence – Belief - Integrity - Detail orientation - Vitality

  • Established on 26 April1957, BIDV is proud to be the longest established financial institution with the most valuable brand in Vietnam. BIDV is listed in the Top 2000 world’s largest companies; Top 300 world’s largest banks (Brand Finance); Top 10 largest enterprises in Vietnam for 4 consecutive years.
  • BIDV is the first choice of economic organizations, businesses and individuals for financial and banking services.
  • Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
  •   26 April 2022 - present
  • The text “BIDV” is refined to look more gentle and graceful. Letter V is stylized from the star wing, linking the text and symbol into a unified, harmonized block.
  • BIDV’s new symbol is creatively combined between a star and an apricot blossom. The star at the heart of the logo is inspired by the Vietnamese National Flag, which is stylized with open and moving contours. The elements are creatively combined with a 23.5 degree angled star which is equal to the earth’s tilt, while conveying the image of a human moving forward, affirming the Bank’s new development pillars which are human resources and customers. This logo also represents the continuous movement of banking operations, the constant innovation in service quality, and the readiness for more robust transformation in the digital era and extensive international integration.
  • The star has 5 wings and the flower has 5 petals. This number in the Eastern philosophy is a beautiful number that represents fertility, strong vitality, and long-lasting harmony. Number 5 also symbolizes 5 continents - expressing the BIDV’s aspiration for international integration and brand position uplift as outlined in the Bank’s vision.
  • BIDV's Slogan: Moving forward, growing together
  • The slogan affirms and conveys the message of inheritance and continuation of BIDV’s mission in serving the nation since its establishment; affirming the pioneering position of the longest-established bank in Vietnam. With robust financial capability and solid foundations, BIDV undertakes to accompany, put customers at the center, and take customers as an important pillar in the Bank’s development strategy with the mission of bringing the best conveniences and interests, facilitating sustainable development to bring practical and long-term values to each individual, organization and community.

  • Internally: “Moving forward, growing together” is a message that expresses BIDV’s desire to continue to inspire, maintain close engagement among staff, between leaders and employees, between units in a function or between branches and units within the system. BIDV is a unified group, working together and joining hands for the growth and success of each individual and each unit towards sustainable development of the whole team and the entire system.

  • BIDV’s brand main color is emerald green, complemented by apricot yellow which is also the color of the star on the Vietnamese national flag. Emerald is one of the four most precious and valuable gems, crystallized over millions of years. Green also symbolizes life, longevity and aspiration to build a Green Bank, demonstrating BIDV’s commitment to sustainability. Apricot yellow is also the color of sunrise, creating a fresh, dynamic, enthusiastic, simple and modern appearance. Yellow is also the signature color that represents banking and finance industry. 
  • BIDV – Pioneer to create sustainable values
  • BIDV is positioned in the minds of customers and communities as a banking and financial group that always pioneers for and accompanies customers, shareholders, employees and society on their sustainable development.
  • Brand personality: The intellectual companion 
  • BIDV is an intellectual and reliable companion for each customer, shareholder, employee and community. The Bank is characterized for good compliance, innovative thinking, growth mindset, professionalism, dedication, responsibility, and empathy, embracing the constant aspiration for bringing sustainable values and spreading positive energy to the community.
  • BIDV has cemented its position as the leading bank in Vietnam throughout 66 years of establishment and development. And behind that are the cultural values imbued with BIDV’s identity that have been cultivated and fostered over generations, particularly: 
  • - The dedication and loyalty to the national interests; taking the lead and taking up challenges to move forward.
  • - The wisdom of a team that fosters diligence and innovation, open to new knowledge, adopting new technology, applying new ways of thinking for innovations to bring interests and conveniences to customers and promote social progress. 
  • - The pure passion for the industry and profession, which helps shape a brilliant and memorable history, a humanitarian corporate culture which instills both traditional and contemporary breath. 
  • - The stuff to rise to the challenges. Like fire proving gold, BIDV has fostered a pioneering spirit and stuff. So amidst countless difficulties seemingly impossible to overcome, BIDV has always found flexible and creative ways to address these challenges and make breakthrough development.
  • - The strong emotional bonds among BIDV staff under a common house. It’s an honourable tradition as generations of the bank dedicate their efforts, enthusiasm and intelligence to the industry development.    
  • - The firm belief in a bright future and the aspiration to build a modern, civilized, livable homeland which are strong drivers for BIDV to overcome difficulties and challenges to spread positive energy to customers and community.
  • - The professionalism and delivery of commitments to customers, shareholders, employees and society.
  • - The spirit of mutual love, sharing difficulties with disadvantaged people, contributing to the community development where BIDV has a presence. 
  • Such cultural identity has shaped the bank’s five core values, namely: Intelligence - Belief - Integrity – Detail orientation - Vitality. All make BIDV a trusted brand pioneering in the course of investment, development, economic restructuring and international economic integration.
  • In order to affirm BIDV’s position, on the basis of inheriting the traditional cultural values, code of ethics and code of conduct, BIDV has selected and embraced the most appropriate values ​​and standards to include in its Culture Handbook.
  • The Culture Handbook serves as a guidance for all BIDV employees to understand, promote, and foster the cultural values, follow standards and rules, thereby fostering the BIDV Corporate Culture.
  • This is also BIDV’s commitment so customers and communities can monitor, evaluate and hold BIDV people to maintain the code of conduct and proper behaviors in their daily activities.
  • For BIDV’s Culture Handbook: Please click here.
  • Intelligence - Belief - Integrity - Detail orientation - Vitality (iBIDV)
  • Consistently manage and apply brand identity items throughout BIDV system, including: Logo and standards; office publications; communication publications; printed matters, cards; transaction space, workspace, ATM, STM, POS; uniforms; gifts, etc. Brand identity templates must ensure stability while capturing technology development trends.

  • Build and practice BIDV corporate culture; diversify internal communication activities, link the image of BIDV people to BIDV’s brand proposition and core values. Carry out communication, advertising, social welfare, product and service introduction activities consistently towards BIDV brand’s positioning, values and fundamental elements.

  • Develop and consistently apply the brand structure with banking products and services: Product and service names (in full/abbreviaion) should rest within the description element, next to/below BIDV’s logo. Develop slogans tailored to each specific product or service.

  • Build and apply a unified structure between the “parent”/group brand and the “subsidiary”/member unit brands expressed through the brand identity elements. Determine the principles for applying brand identity elements based on the scale, ownership ratio, scope of operations, and current status of the member units.


This is the official handbook providing for BIDV brand awareness criteria in business activities, marketing, advertisement and social welfare activities. To ensure the consistency of BIDV brand identity, partners providing advertisement, marketing and brand consulting services should comply with the provisions on brand identity setforth in the “BIDV Brand Handbook”.



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