• ​Step 1: Submitting and Collecting documents:
    • Investor (Individual/Organization):
    • Before registering for Certificate of Investment, investor declares information of the investment project online at the website of Foreign Investment Agency (FIA) at or
    • Submit project dossier at Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) within 15 days of online declaration.
    • DPI: Collect project dossier, and notify investor of the result day.
    • Step 2: Processing:
    • Related Divisions of DPI take in the case, checking the validity of documents and requirements for Certificate of Investment and submit to DPI Director for authorization (Certificate of Investment/ Notice of Submitting additional document, etc.)
    • Step 3: Returning result:
    • Investor receives result at the DPI.


    • Request to do investment project;
    • Copy of ID, ID card or passport for individual investor; Certificate of Establishment or equivalent legal documents for organization investor.
    • Proposal for investment project;
    • Includes: Investor(s) responsible for the project, project goal, scope, capital, financing, location, duration, progress, labor, request for investment incentives, assessment of impact on social-economy of the project, etc.
    • Copy of 1 of the following documents: Financial Statements most recent 2 years of the investor; Commitment to give financial support from parent company; Commitment to give financial support from Financial institution, Provision of guarantee for investor’s financial capacity, proof of financial capacity, etc.
    • Request for land use; in the case that the project does not require the Government to give land, lease land or allow to change land use purpose, the Investor submit the copy of rental agreement or equivalent documents confirming that the Investor has the rights to use the requested location to do the investment project.
    • Report on the use of technology for project that utilizes transfer-restricted technology regulated by law on technology transfer, including: name, origin, process mapping; specifications, condition of major machinery, equipment, technology, etc.    
    • BCC contract for project under BCC contract.
    • Number of project dossier:  01 
  • Processing TimeWithin 15 days from the day of receiving complete project dossier
  • Subject to register for Certificate of Investment Organization/Individual
  • Competent authorityDepartment of Planning and Investment
  • ResultInvestment Registration Certificate
  • FeeNone
  • Form

    Request to do investment project form (Form I.1, attached to Circulars 16/2015/TT-BKHĐT)

    Proposal for investment project (Form I.3 attached to Circulars 16/2015/TT-BKHĐT)

    • When submitting project dossier and receiving result, the person doing these procedures must bring the following documents:
    • Receipt of submission and Appointment note (to receive result)
    • ID card or other legal identification cards. In the case that investor, organization authorize other organization, individual to submit project dossier and receive result, the person doing these procedures must present ID card or passport or other legal ID cards and 1 of the following documents: (i) contract of submission service + referral letter; (ii) authorization document that allows individual/organization to submit project dossier and receive result. 


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