Looking forward to adapting with Covid-19, BIDV would like to introduce a promotion program called “Awaken life with BIDV” offering products and gifts to support customers towards “the new normal” life.

This program aims at household businesses and small traders nationwide. They are one of the crucial factors of the economy which would lighten up the normal life again. Accordingly, household businesses and small traders who join in this program of BIDV will be given waiver of online transfer fees and account number selection fees, not to mention a credit card limit of up to VND100 million, unsecured loans of up to VND100 million, and free installation of VietQR tentcard. In addition, BIDV would like to offer the first 120,000 eligible customers VND66,666 paid to their bank account. Click here for details.

From now to 1 December 2021, BIDV continues to make SmartBanking free for customers and offers a gift combo of up to VND300,000 for the first 1,000 customers successfully registering and activating the app daily.

Especially, BIDV SmartBanking now offers new features with massive offers to customers:

- Your lucky account number of choice: Customers are allowed to select 2 to 7 digits of their bank account number, and are offered waiver of fee when selecting 2 digits and 50% off fee when selecting 3 to 7 digits.

- Open securities account online: Customers can open a new securities trading account right on the app, then offer them a voucher valued VND1 million for fee payment after successfully opened an account with BSC.

- Card issuance online: Customers are now allowed to open and activate a bank card right on BIDV SmartBanking, and receive a non-physical card right away or a physical card at their address or a bank location.

Moreover, BIDV has collaborated with e-wallets to offers many gifts and vouchers on Wednesday weekly such as ShopeePay, ZaloPay, Momo…

For more information about new features and how to use them, please click here.

Note: Please update the latest version of BIDV SmartBanking on App Store/ Google Play Store to utilize the features.

For more information about promotions, please contact Hotline 1900 9247 or Fanpage BIDV here.

4 ways to register for BIDV SmartBanking online and receive a preferential combo of VND300,000:

1. For customers who have not had a CIF at BIDV, please register on the App using eKYC by following guidance on this video: https://youtu.be/jLVrHXMcuTU.

2. For customers who have had a BIDV ATM card, please register on the App and authenticate using ATM card pin.

3. For customers who have had a CIF at BIDV, please register on the App and authenticate using set of security questions. Download App and register now at: https://bit.ly/SmartBankingmoi.

4. Register online via BIDV’s website at: https://ebank.bidv.com.vn/DKNHDT/dkbsb1.html

Download the App and register at: https://bit.ly/SmartBankingmoi


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