From 8 October 2021 to 8 November 2021, BIDV together with ShopeePay launches a promotion program called “Rain of gifts for endless shopping” offering combo vouchers of up to VND400,000 exclusively for first-time customers linking BIDV account with Shopeepay e-wallet.

Make shopping online breezy when linking BIDV account with Shopeepay e-wallet via only a few steps. Click on the program address and fill in your information, then log in to your ShopeePay e-wallet and select BIDV as your bank.

Especially, BIDV bank account holders shopping on Shopee will receive exclusive offers. In particular, first-time BIDV account holders linking ShopeePay e-wallet and have yet made a purchase will receive 2 vouchers of 50% discount up to VND50,000 each for their next purchase on Shopee.

First-time customers of ShoppePay e-wallet will receive a combo of vouchers up to VND300,000 which are discount codes for purchases, bill payments, mobile top-up,… on Shopee and ShopeePay.

The vouchers are available immediately after successfully linking bank account with ShopeePay. The exclusive vouchers for BIDV account holders will be available on the next Tuesday or Friday.

Register for the promotion program here.

For more information, please contact ShopeePay via Hotline 1900 6906;

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