Plentiful gifts and offers are offered to all customers who make transactions at BIDV at New Year's.

Welcoming the new year 2021, BIDV offers plenty of attractive deals to customers to show our deep gratitude and great commitment.

A chance to win VND50 million in cash for transactions at BIDV from 25 December 2020 to 31 December 2020:

Gifts for 2021 will be given to customers who conduct the following transactions: savings deposit; first disbursement for home loan/auto loan/consumer loan secured by real-estate/business loan (loan amount ranges from VND500 million to VND5 billion depending on types of product); international transfer via Swift from 25 December 2020 to 31 December 2020. When making the above transactions, customers will be eligible to participate in the special lucky draw with the 1st prize valued VND50 million. The total prize value is VND330 million.

At the same time, customers will have a chance to receive a set of New Year gifts when making transactions at BIDV branches from 01 February to 05 February 2020.

E-Banking Services Offers

Win valuable prizes with BIDV Smart Hunting and receive various offers when making transactions via BIDV's e-banking channels

With an impressive number of 6.5 million plays for 2 months, BIDV Smart Hunting game, an interacting game on BIDV SmartBanking has returned from now to 25 February 2021. Upon a qualified transfer, deposit or online transfer transactions on BIDV SmartBanking, customer will receive 1 play on SmartHunting. Play and find treasures including: 01 prize of VND100 million, 5 prizes of VND30 million, 60 prizes of VND3 million and 240,000 prizes of VND10,000. Total value of prizes is VND2.8 billion.

In addition, other various offers will also be given, including: Maintenance fee waiver and annual fee waiver for BIDV Online and BIDV SmartBanking.

Deposit Offers

Great prizes including Mazda CX5 car, Honda PCX scooter, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro, etc. will be offered to customers who make savings deposit from 25 January to 25 March 2021.

From 25 January 2021 to 25 March 2021, BIDV launches a promotion program for customers making savings deposit of 1-3 month terms at BIDV which offers lucky money from VND50,000 or more, and other various attractive prizes under a final lucky draw including: 1 Mazda CX5 2.0L Car, 2 Honda PCX Hybrid 150 Scooters, 10 Asama Solano Factory Sport Bikes and 188 Sharp FP-J40E-W Air Purifiers.

In addition, 3 iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB, 5 iPad Pro 12.9 in Wifi 128GB Tablets, 9 S6 LTE 40mm Apple Watches, 16 AirPods Pro Headsets, Apple wireless chargers are lucky draw gifts exclusively offered to accumulative savings depositors who deposit at least VND1 million/month during the period from 17 February 2021 to 2 March 2021. 

“An Phat” Deposit Offers

VND8.4 billion will be offered to customers who receive interest periodically through “An Phat” account.

From now to 31 March 2021, Vietnamese and foreign individual customers who use Happy Fortune package which comprises of: counter savings/term deposit (6 or 12 months), BIC Tam An health insurance and current account with BSMS service will immediately receive gift packages worth up to VND6.5 million, as follows:

  • - Copper Happy Fortune valued VND2.5 million: 6, 12 month term deposits from VND2 billion to less than VND4 billion, Copper BIC Tam An, current account with BSMS service.
  • - Silver Happy Fortune valued VND3.5 million:  6, 12 month term deposits from VND42 billion to less than VND10 billion, Silver BIC Tam An, current account with BSMS service.
  • - Gold Happy Fortune valued VND6.5 million: 6, 12 month term deposits from VND10 billion, Gold BIC Tam An, checking account with BSMS service.

Loan Offers

Preferential loan interest rate only from 5%/year

Customers who apply for home loan, business loan, auto loan, consumer loan secured by real estate will receive attractive incentives as follows:

  • - Preferential interest rates from 7%/year for home loan, auto loan, consumer loan secured by real estate
  • - Preferential interest rates from 5%/year consumer loan secured by real estate

Offers for Foreign Exchange and International Money Transfer

Gifts in cash for international money transfer and receipt transactions

For any international money receipt transaction via SWIFT, Western Union and KoronaPay or international money transfer transaction via Western Union, customers will receive attractive offers as follows:

  • - Cash gifts valued at VND100,000/any international money receipt transaction via KoronaPay
  • - Cash gifts valued at VND100,000/any international money receipt transaction worth at least USD3,000 via SWIFT and Western Union
  • - Cash gifts valued at VND150,000/any international money outward transfer via Western Union

In addition, when registering for account packages including B.Junior - for children, B.HiSchool - for high school students, Students, Payroll, Business and B-FREE, customers will receive various attractive offers like cash gifts to account, internal & external transfer fee waiver, account management fee waiver, etc.

For more information, please visit the nearest BIDV branch or call BIDV 24/7 Contact Center via Hotline: 1900 9247.

With its great efforts, determination and modern technology and proven financial capabilities, BIDV has made the best efforts to bring clients diversified convenient products and services for your pleasant experience and great satisfaction, affirming its position as an “Outstanding Retail Banking” for 5 consecutive years (2016-2020) awarded by the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) and the International Data Group (IDG), and “Best Retail Bank Vietnam” for 5 consecutive years (2015-2019) awarded by The Asian Banker. 

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