With the desire to bring convenience, speed and best serve the needs of customers, BIDV has implemented many policies and incentives for money transfer service from Vietnam to abroad.

Remittance for study abroad purposes

50% off money transfer fee

Customers are international students, Vietnamese people going to work abroad in the form of training/apprenticeship abroad or relatives wishing to transfer money from Vietnam to abroad to pay for study and living expenses. , subsidies for international students/employees, etc., receive a 50% discount on money transfer fees when making international money transfers at BIDV.

Besides, BIDV always accompanies and supports customers in the process of preparing documents to study abroad, labor export such as: Free confirmation of account balance Financial proof to apply for a visa/visa; Free issuance and annual fee for the first year 01 Credit Card and 01 International Debit Card for customers to easily spend abroad; Give a beautiful Nhu Y digital account up to 2 million VND, support customers to borrow loans for study and training purposes with preferential interest rates...

Simple money transfer procedure

Customers only need to go to the nearest BIDV transaction point and present the appropriate money transfer documents, BIDV staff is ready to assist customers in making money transfer transactions quickly and professionally. Remittance records for learning purposes include:

  • Visa/passport of international students/employees.
  • Notice of tuition fees of the school/training institution.
  • Subsistence/subsidy bill (if any). In case there is no invoice, customers can still transfer living expenses/subsidy at BIDV up to 50,000 USD/overseas student/year.
  • Papers proving personal relationship (if the transferee is a relative).

With BIDV Accumulating dreams

In addition to policies to support customers in the process of preparing study abroad documents, BIDV offers the Dream Accumulation Deposit product with a deposit amount of only  500,000 VND each time. Just by "accumulating small to great" from small deposits, customers can gradually turn their dream of studying abroad into reality. Especially, with every 50 million VND of accumulated deposit, customers have accompanied BIDV. contributing  500,000 VND to the Social Security fund, equivalent to a portion of gifts for disadvantaged people, BIDV believes that this product not only helps customers realize their dreams of studying abroad but also contributes creating good values ​​in life, bringing warm joy to many difficult situations in the community.

Remittance for the purpose of settling abroad

Customers can transfer up to the full amount of money that can be proven to be of legal origin. BIDV is ready to provide specific support and advice to maximize benefits for customers in the process of preparing remittance documents. Besides, with a team of professional financial advisors, a secure process and many attractive and reliable investment products, BIDV wishes to accompany customers throughout the process of settling down. abroad and on the way to success in the future.


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