From 9 June 2023 to 31 December 2023, customers that make international money transfer transactions will be entitled to various attractive offers at BIDV.

50% fee reduction 

Up to 50% cut in fees will be applied to every outgoing international transfer transactions at BIDV for the purposes including: covering overseas education expenses, living expenses of Vietnamese students; foreigner's lawful income transfer back their homeland. This policy applies for transactions made at BIDV’s transaction points or via BIDV SmartBanking.

Note: The upper and lower fee limit per transaction is USD 200 and USD 5, respectively. The reduction applies to fees collected by BIDV only, foreign bank fees and massage fees are not in scope.

Double offer

In addition, customers enjoy many attractive incentives such as free account of choice following their phone number, nickname; Free account balance certification for financial verification/visa application purpose; Free issuance of Platinum Cashback International Credit Card, etc.

Especially, this offer will be doubled from 1 July to 31 December 2023 for international transfer transactions made via BIDV SmartBanking. In addition to a 50% cut in transfer fees, customers will also receive cash gift up to 300,000 VND/transaction into customers' account, as following:

USD equivalent amount/transaction Cash gift
Transaction amount from USD 500 to less than USD 10,000 VND100,000
Transaction amount from USD 10,000 to less than USD 15,000 VND200,000
Transaction amount of USD 15,000 or higher VND300,000

Easy international money transfer for diverse purposes on BIDV SmartBanking

International money transfer is provided on BIDV SmartBanking for a variety of purposes, including tuition fees, living expenses for overseas study, medical treatment and living expenses, business and tourism, family visits, allowances, and repatriation of foreigners in Vietnam.  

High transfer limit

You can transfer money abroad for lawful purposes without limitation if valid invoices and documents are presented (E.g: notice of tuition fees, rent bills, utility bills, hospital bills, hotel bills, etc.).

For transactions without invoices and documents (for the purpose of overseas study, medical treatment and family allowances), the annual transfer limit shall not exceed the per capita income according to the current price of the country where the recipient lives.

BIDV uses World Bank data on per capita income in different countries to determine international money transfer limits. Here are the per capita incomes of some countries (data updated as at 22 December 2022 – Unit: USD):

Country U.S. Canada Australia Singapore U.K. Japan Korea
GDP per capita 70,249 51,988 60,443 72,794 46,510 39,313 34,998

For other countries, please click here.

Two steps for international money transfer via BIDV SmartBanking

Step 1:

Under "Service list", or “Favorite Services” select "Overseas Remittance", enter information about your family members who are living abroad and then click "Look up Search for remittance profile", take a photo of documents and upload relevant documents.

In case you made transfer transactions before or your money transfer document has been created, just select one of the available documents on the screen.

Step 2:

Enter information including BeneficiarySwift CodeAccount NumberAmount and completes the transaction.

Beneficiaries can be your family member, his/her guardians, schools, training institutes, places of residence, etc.

BIDV will process your remittance profile as soon as practical up to 1 working day. You can look up the transaction status at bank by using “Transaction Inquiry” function.

Clip on how to use the international money transfer feature on BIDV SmartBanking.

Note: In order to ensure the best exchange rate for customers, the international money transfer feature via BIDV SmartBanking is performed during the transaction hours from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday every week.

For detailed instructions on application and transaction limit applied to international money transfers via BIDV SmartBanking, please click here.

With attractive offers and new features, BIDV hopes to become a bridge to help you to take good care of your loved ones even far away anywhere in the world.

For detailed information, please contact BIDV branches nationwide or call BIDV 24/7 Contact Center via Hotline: 1900 9247.

Receive extremely “chill” gift combos with BIDV SmartBanking

You can enjoy various attractive incentives when registering for BIDV SmartBanking with a gift combo worth VND 660,000 and a series of attractive features such as Easy QR payment in Thailand, Online loan secured by passbook/certificate of deposit, Registration for online credit card installment, etc.



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