From 3 October 2022, BIDV is offering "Elite Account" on BIDV SmartBanking app which allows customers to name their bank account with their registered phone number at no cost; or name them with desired series of numbers or words from VND199,000. Install BIDV SmartBanking today and receive a lot of gifts from BIDV.

“Elite Account” was launched by BIDV in July 2022, offering free services including: Account with same phone number, account nickname/ optional series… until the end of September 2022.

After 2 months of launch, “Elite Account” has received the attention and attraction of hundreds of thousands of customers with its preeminent features such as helping customers to unleash their creativity and transform their bank account numbers into favorite names/close nicknames or accounts with phone numbers that are short, easy to remember and extremely convenient in transactions.

In order to appreciate the support of customers, BIDV continues to offer a special program of free and reduced fees for opening “Elite Account” in October 2022, specifically as follows:

Account Type

Number of characters

Listing Fee (VND)

Preferential fee in October 2022 excluding VAT (VND)

Nickname/Optional nuber

4 – 10 characters



11 – 20 characters



Account with same phone number

No distinction


Free until December 31, 2022

Quickly open the BIDV SmartBanking app and select the item "Elite Account" to immediately own yourself a very cool account with your own personal style and imprint. 

In addition, BIDV is implementing a "terrible" promotion program for new customers who register for BIDV SmartBanking service with thousands of cash gifts, B-Points and weekly lucky draw prizes to win Macbook laptops. worth more than 30 million VND, the total prize value is up to 23 billion VND. Program Details here.

In addition to incentives for customers in October 2022, BIDV will launch special offers for the Choose Your Name Account service on some golden days (10/10; 11/11; 12/12) and For other preferential programs in 2022, don't forget to follow the announcements on BIDV SmartBanking application to update the latest offers from BIDV!

For program details, please contact the 24/7 Customer Care Center: 1900 9247 or the nearest BIDV Branch for support.


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