The distinctions between the last BIDV Run and the one this year are a lot of appealing offers including a higher rate of contribution and a promotion program exclusively for the athletes becoming a new customer of BIDV.

Putting customers at the center of business

Under the motto “The customer is God”, BIDV’s orientation is putting customers at the center of its business. The bank has provided not just financial services but life solutions as well, such as loan packages, different types of bank cards, e-banking, and bills payment, to name a few. On top of that, BIDV has organize a running race to promote sports participation and healthcare since 2019.

This event has encourage BIDV’s current and potential customers to build a healthy habit of running and walking outdoor. Moreover, the result of their sport activity will be exchanged into donation from BIDV fund to the “Warm Tet for the poor” fund, handing gifts to the people in the difficult and remote areas on the occasion of Vietnamese New Year.

More banking transactions, more donation to the fund for the poor

Aside from the result of the running event, BIDV’s customer can contribute to the “Warm Tet for the poor” fund by making transactions online. Accordingly, each transfer transaction via BIDV SmartBanking will be exchanged for VND5,000 added to the fund; each saving online transaction via BIDV Online, BIDV SmartBanking, or BIDV Bankplus will be exchanged for VND5,000 or higher. In addition, for each of the first 2,000 athletes joining in the running event and registering for a BIDV card via app BIDV Run, BIDV will contribute VND50,000 to the fund. For each of 150 customers activating their BIDV card during the event period, BIDV will contribute VND100,000 to the fund.

The exchanged amount of donation from BIDV will be updated daily on as well as BIDV Run app.

Huge prizes for new customers

Beside the main event, the athletes wishing to increase their contribution to the fund and at the same time have not yet using any BIDV products are offers 3 gifts from BIDV as follows:

- Becoming a customer of BIDV, the athlete will receive a gift in cash of VND50,000 paid into their bank account. Opening a domestic or international debit card will resulted in another gift of VND50,000. BIDV will also send an equivalent amount of total VND100,000 to the fund.

- If an athlete has at least 11 eligible activity and at least 22km recorded during the event, when they become a new customer of BIDV with a bank account, a debit card and making transactions via BIDV SmartBanking, they will have a chance to participate in a lucky draw and win one of the following prizes from the event: an off-road bicycle Giant 2020 XTC SLR 1 valued VND48,5 million; a Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire valued VND20 million; or a pair of Nike - Air Zoom Vomero 14 valued VND4,5 million.

- By the end of the event, BIDV will present the Top 50 Male and Top 50 Female each with VND500,000, and also send an equivalent amount to the fund.

The prizes in cash will be paid into the winner’s account in 03 days after successfully opening a bank account and registering for the bank’s services. Every athlete can check their list of gift within BIDV Run app. The prizes from lucky draw will be sent to the winners in 02 weeks after announcement. Top 50 gifts will be paid into winner’s account in 05 working days. List of winners and gifts will be updated on the BIDV Run app.

Getting more excited with this year event

The “Warm Tet for the poor” event 2019 attracted over 35,000 athletes nationwide. After 22 days (from 9 to 30 November 2019), BIDV and 36,488 athletes accompanied on 1.8 million kilometer, contributing VND5.8 billion to give the poor in Tet 2020.

The 2020 event is getting more exciting with a lot more bonuses such as multiple 6 times of contribution for all athlete’s record in the kick-off day (1 Nov), adding VND11,000 for athletes recording at least 1 activity on the 1st anniversary of BIDV and Hana Bank’s strategic partnership (11 Nov), etc.

This year event is expected to attract over 50,000 athletes and a much higher amount of fund for the poor.


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