As one among various activities carried out by BIDV to support customers affected by Covid-19 pandemic, from 8:00am on 23 April 2020 to the end of 31 December 2020, customers who make online deposits at BIDV will be offered an addition of 0.5% p.a. At the same time, online deposit/withdrawal daily limit is also lifted.

Accordingly, from 8:00am on 23 April 2020 until 31 December 2020, customers who make online deposits on BIDV SmartBanking, BIDV Online and BIDV Bankplus can enjoy additional interest rate of 0.5% per annum on deposits with terms of 6-11 months and 0.2% per annum on other terms compared to the normal deposit interest rate announced at the bank’s counters. In addition, the maximum daily limit of VND5 billion for online deposit/withdrawal previously applied on BIDV SmartBanking and BIDV Online has also been lifted.

With BIDV’s online savings deposit service, customers can make deposits or settle their accounts by using BIDV SmartBanking on their mobile phones or BIDV Online on their computers. At the same time, customers are flexible for maturity method: Either automatic renewal or fully credited to their current account.

Given the complicated developments of the Covid-19, which may adversely affect customers’ health, online financial transactions proves an optimal solution for its convenience, security and promptness. Instead of visiting a branch or transaction office, customers now can carry out financial transactions at home on computers or smart mobile devices and enjoy plentiful attractive incentives from BIDV.

For quick and easy online transactions, please visit or download BIDV SmartBanking app to register for online deposit feature and enjoy attractive interest rates from BIDV.

For BIDV SmartBanking online registration service, please follow this instruction, click here

For more information, please contact: 1900 9247.

As one of the leading banks joining the whole society to prevent and control Covid-19, BIDV is implementing various outstanding incentive programs, including:

- Reducing up to 70% on online money transfer fee, waiving fee for transferring donation to support Covid-19 prevention efforts, waiving registration/maintenance fee for BIDV SmartBanking, BIDV Online...

- Launching a credit package of VND5,000 billion to support individual borrowers in the sectors affected by Covid-19 pandemic; 2 new credit packages of VND50,000 billion for individual customers to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19.

- Integrating Vinmart Online feature into BIDV SmartBanking app.


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