The new generation of BIDV SmartBanking now offers new features, including Open lucky account number, Open securities account online, Card issuance online…

Your lucky account number of choice

Instead of visiting our location, BIDV customers can login BIDV SmartBanking app and open a new bank account by themselves. Moreover, customers are allowed to select 2 to 7 digits of their bank account number, and are offered waiver of fee when selecting 2 digits and 50% off fee when selecting 3 to 7 digits.

Instruction on how to open your bank account on BIDV SmartBanking:

Open securities account online

For the “investors” group of BIDV SmartBanking users, the new feature “Securities” will allow them to open a new securities trading account right on the app, then offer them a voucher valued VND1 million for fee payment which will be paid into their securities account.

4 steps to open securities account:

Step 1: Login BIDV SmartBanking, select “Securities”

Step 2: Select “Open securities trading account” and fill out the information

Step 3: Take a picture of your ID and follow the instruction on the screen

Step 4: Examine your contract, print it out and send it to the nearest BIDV branch

Set up new PIN/Change PIN number

Ever forgot your card’s PIN number? No more worry ‘caused BIDV SmartBanking now allows you to set up a new PIN number whenever you need it. For BIDV domestic debit cardholders, instead of visiting an ATM to set up your PIN number, you can login BIDV SmartBanking and set up a new one.

How to set up a new PIN number

Step 1: Select “Card service” on BIDV SmartBanking, select card and “Card information”, then select “Set new PIN”

Step 2: Fill out your security information for authorization including ID/Passport number and Date of birth

Step 3: Input your new PIN, OTP and complete your request

Convert magnetic card to chip card

BIDV domestic debit card Smart using high security technology with chip encryption and One-touch payment technology Contactless will bring an ultimate experience for cardholders. BIDV SmartBanking now allows customers to convert their current magnetic card to chip card – either a physical or non-physical one; physical cards will be distributed at BIDV branches nationwide.

Step 1: Login, select “See more”

Step 2: Select “Convert magnetic card to chip card”

Step 3: Fill out your information and OTP

In addition to the mentioned features, BIDV SmartBanking now also allows customer to register/cancel/update email address to receive notifications about successful transactions via BIDV SmartBanking.

From now to 8 November 2021, customers linking BIDV accounts with e-wallets such as Momo, ShopeePay, ZaloPay, VnPay will receive discounts and vouchers for shopping and bill payments.

Access to your BIDV SmartBanking via:



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