How to safely use credit card online

Along with the explosion of banking payment methods, especially credit cards, high-tech crimes have become popular, threatening assets of both banks and customers. To prevent potential risks posed on using credit cards, BIDV would like to recommend customers some useful tips.



When receiving cards, please carefully check the information embossed onto the card to make sure it matches the registered information including name, type of card and credit limit. Sign on the signature bar at the back of the card. Memorize the card security code (3 digits printed at the back of the card) and use white tape to hide this 3-digit code to prevent information exposure when cards are used at merchants.

Pro-actively control card transactions: Please sign up for BSMS (SMS service) to receive notification on card transactions and account balance via SMS text. Upon any card transactions, an SMS will be automatically sent to the cardholder's mobile phone. Consider signing up for banking app on smart mobile devices like BIDV's SmartBanking. In case of any abnormal transactions that are not made by cardholder or in the case of cards missing, BIDV customers should immediately lock the card via (1) BIDV SmartBanking or (2) contact BIDV Hotline at 19009247/8424-22200588 to timely request for card lock and support.

When using the card:

  • Keep confidentiality of personal information such as: full name, address, date of birth, ID number ...; and card security information such as card number, expiry date, CVV2, CVC (CVV2/CVC is the 3-digit number on the back of the card), PIN and other personal information, account and card information. Always refrain from providing information or clicking unusual links included in unknown emails.
  • Keep an eye on your card, refrain from giving card to others (even a bank staff) to avoid the risk of card information disclosed/card stolen, which may lead to fraudulent transactions.  Do not write down PIN and store it with/near your card.
  • Before doing AMT-based transactions, please carefully observe surrounding area, card insertion slot and key pad. In case of any suspicion, please avoid performing the transaction, and immediately notify the bank. Please cover the key pad when entering PIN code. Refrain from making transactions at isolated/remote locations. Make sure the ATM screen has returned to the welcome screen when you leave.  
  • When making transactions at merchants, please use Chip card for payment. Ensure all POS-based transactions are performed in front of you. Avoid letting cashier processing transactions away from you. Get your card back and keep your transaction receipt. Some overseas merchants may require cardholders to enter a PIN to process transactions in accordance with the Payment bank's policy. Please remember your PIN to facilitate the transaction.
  • Online purchases often expose to potential risks. Thus, please register for service activation upon your demands. Use personal computer to make transactions, and only make transactions at reputable, secure websites to avoid credit card hacking, and ensure that terms and conditions are carefully read and fully understood. Do not set "remember password" mode when logging into e-commerce websites, and frequently change your password, which should include capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols to ensure confidentiality. Use firewall, regularly install and update anti-virus software, Spam Filter and Spyware.

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