How to bank safely during Covid-19 pandemic?

When the Covid-19 pandemic become more and more complicated, people have protected themselves by wearing mask, regularly washing their hands, and avoiding visiting public space, etc. During this pandemic, instead of visiting bank’s counter, you can use electronic transactions in a quick and secure manner as below.



Due to large number of customers visiting their counters for transactions every day, all banks have taken measures to prevent virus transmission such as wearing masks at the counter, giving masks and hand sanitizers to customers, etc. Another measure that is strongly recommended during this pandemic is digital banking and contactless card payment.

Quick and convenient transactions via digital banking services

With digital banking services, customers can make transactions anytime and anywhere by using just an Internet-connected device. All transactions can be made on e-channels such as balance inquiry, transfer, top-up, or bill payment (electricity, water, internet, cable TV, etc.). At the same time, digital banking users can access the bank’s financial services such as savings, loans or other consulting services at their home without wasting time at the bank’s counter. Digital banking services also allow customers to conveniently make online payment for various services including air tickets, tuition fees, train tickets, etc. during the pandemic.

In particular, in order to encourage customers to make online transactions and change from branch channel to e-channels, several banks continue to apply registration or maintenance fee waiver policy, like what BIDV is doing for their BIDV Online and BIDV SmartBanking.

Safe payment with contactless cards

Another preferable effective payment option during the coronavirus outbreak is contactless card transactions. With its outstanding feature, this makes payment become not only simple but also safe. With contactless payment, your cards will never leave your hand, allowing the cardholder to closely control their card during the transaction. If ATM card is used at the POS, you will have to hand your card to the cashier. This contact will be avoided using contactless cards, thereby reducing the risk of virus transmission (if any).

Moreover, with contactless cards, customers do not need to sign invoices for small value transactions, which allow busy customers save their time. Security is enhanced for higher value payments. For example, for BIDV Visa Platinum Cashback card with contactless technology which was launched on 18 December 2019, cardholders only have to sign invoices with transaction amount of over VND1,000,000.

The use of digital banking services and contactless cards not only helps customers save time and effort, but is also a measure to ensure safety for themselves and their family during the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers can experience convenient digital banking services here and issue a BIDV Cashback Platinum card to enjoy contactless payment and cashback for all card spendings here.

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