Reward accumulation program

Cashback up to VND 200,000/month

Insurance privileges

Global travel insurance with sum insured up to VND 11.65 billion


Reward accumulation program: Cashback up to VND 200,000/month via BIDV SmartBanking, specifically:

2% cashback for foreign currency payment transactions

0.15% cashback for other kinds of transactions

0.045% cashback for specialized transactions

Please click here for more details

Insurance privileges: Global travel insurance with sum insured up to VND11.65 billion.

Perform transactions at millions of ATM/POS and make online payment via websites/apps with MasterCard logo globally

ePIN is secured, convenient, and environmentally friendly

Cash withdrawal without ATM/CRM card (Scan QR code from BIDV SmartBanking)

EMV contact and contactless chip card to facilitate fast and convenient transactions at maximum secutiry

Easy management of cards and transactions via BIDV SmartBanking

Customer support: 19009247 (in Vietnam) or 84 24 22200588 (overseas) - Email:

  • Transaction limit

    Payment limit per day:  Up to VND 2,000,000,000

    Payment limit per transaction:  Up to VND 1,000,000,000

    Cash withdrawal limit/day:  Up to VND 400,000,000 in Vietnam và VND 30,000,000 overseas

    Cash withdrawal limit/transaction:  Up to VND 5,000,000 (at BIDV’s ATM/POS) or following Acquirer’s regulation (at other banks’ ATM/POS)

    Fee schedules

    Issuance fee: Free-of-charge

    Annual fee of primary card: VND 200,000; fee waiver for the subsequent year if spending volume reaches VND 90 million/year or higher

    Annual fee of supplementary card: VND100,000

    Cash withdrawal fee:

    At BIDV’s ATM/POS: VND 2,000

    At domestic ATM/POS: VND 10,000

    At overseas ATM/POS: 4% of withdrawal amount, VND50,000 at minimum

    Currency conversion assessment fee: 1% of transaction amount

    Overseas transaction processing fee: 1.1% of transaction amount

    Detailed fee schedule: Please click here.

  • Card issuance conditions:

    Individuals aged 15 years or older without losing their civil act capacity or having limited civil act capacity or having difficulty in understanding and mastering their behavior according to Vietnamese laws.

    In case of a foreigner, he/she must be allowed to reside in Vietnam for a period of 12 months or more and the remaining residency is at least 90 days from the date of application for card.

    Card application

    Legal document: ID documents and documents evidencing permanent address of customers (family registration, temporary residence registration, etc.)

    Agreement for card issuance and use according to BIDV’s form (attached)

    Other forms following BIDV’s regulations from time to time.

    Customer can apply for a card:

    At BIDV’s branches nationwide

    Via BIDV SmartBanking

    Apply for a card here.

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