On January 5th, 2023, BIDV officially launched the international money transfer feature on BIDV SmartBanking with a friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Wherever you are, you can make quick money transfers to your relatives who are living, studying or working abroad without going to a bank. Especially, in response to the goal of national digital transformation, from now until March 31st, 2023, BIDV applies no-free policy for international money transfers on SmartBanking to support and encourage customers to experience digital utilities. With this new feature, BIDV hopes to send customer's love to their relatives living anywhere in the world.

Diversify purposes of international money transfer on BIDV SmartBanking

BIDV provides money transfer feature on SmartBanking for a variety of money transfer purposes including tuition fees, living expenses for international students, money transfer for medical treatment and living expenses abroad, business and tourism money transfer. , visit, subsidize relatives, transfer the lawful income of foreigners in Vietnam back home.

High remittance limit

You can transfer money abroad for lawful purposes and without limitation on the amount transferred if you have enough invoices and documents (eg tuition notices, rent bills, electricity and water bills, bills) hospital, hotel, etc.). For remittances without invoices, BIDV applies the following remittance limit:

- Allowance for relatives abroad: up to 60,000 USD/person/year.

- Patient's living expenses: maximum 10,000 USD/person/year.

- Expenses for business/travel/visiting: 5,000 USD/person/time.

2 steps for international money transfer on BIDV SmartBanking

Step 1: In the "Service Management" section, select the "International money transfer" function, enter information about your relatives abroad and "Look up records", take photos and upload the appropriate documents. For customers who have previously transferred money or have money transfer records at BIDV, customers choose one of the available documents displayed on the screen.

Step 2: Customer enters Beneficiary information, Swift Code, Account Number, Amount and completes the transaction. Beneficiaries can be relatives, guardians of relatives, schools, training institutions, accommodation... BIDV will process your remittance as soon as possible, up to 1 working day. You can look up the transaction processing status at the bank using the "Transaction inquiry" function.

Instructions for international money transfer in BIDV SmartBanking

Note: In order to ensure maximum benefits for customers in terms of exchange rate, the international money transfer feature on BIDV SmartBanking is performed during the transaction hours from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday every week.

For more information, please contact BIDV branches nationwide or 24/7 Customer Care Center: 1900 9247.


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