Advance payment

Advance payment immediately after delivery, while the buyer is entitled to deferred payment terms

Effective cash flow management

Take initiative in managing cash flow, improving business efficiency

Increase sales advantage

Increase the advantage of deferred sales, support the sale of more goods

  • IntroductionBIDV provides Domestic L/C Financing to our Corporate customers
  • Domestic LC financing includes:
  • (i) Discount on domestic LC bills: BIDV buys and accepts ownership (with recourse) Bill of Lading presented with sales documents in LC payment form before maturity;
  • (ii) Domestic prepayment: The BIDV prepayment is based on the domestic LC for the customer before maturity. Domestic L / C issued by BIDV at buyer's request. 
  • Benefits:
  • (i) To be paid in advance of the sale of goods before maturity of the purchasing party;
  • (ii) Deferred sales, increasing competitiveness

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