Quick and convenient transactions

Reduce manually steps, save time and cost.

Safety and confidentiality

Multi-layer of authentications, flexible authorization of approvals.

Useful features

Diverse banking features and services

Leverage corporate digitalization

Digitize internal procedure, improve business effectiveness and competitive advantages.

  • IntroductionCorporate is able to perform banking transactions directly on their own internal system (accounting software, human resources software, financial management system... (ERP system) through digital connection with the BIDV system. Transaction status and results can be updated in real-time to the corporate system
  • Target CustomerCompanies and organizations use internal technology systems and software, which is possibly connected BIDV’s digital platforms to transfer data.
  • Security SystemThe connection between Customer and Bank is encrypted and authorized by modern security technology. Financial transactions are authorized by advanced factors required by law (username – passwords, SMART OTP, public digital signature)
    • Non-financial services:
      - Account Inquiry
      - Inquiry international payments
      - Current account statements and balance alerts
      - Tracing
    • Financial services:
      - Domestic remittance (single/ bulk payment)
      - Payroll service
      - Bill payment
      - National budget payment
      - Other treasury payment
    • Company’s Internal systems and software are required to integrated with BIDV’s system: Using common connection via API by leased-line or Internet with VPN network.

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